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13 Nov: German Phrase of the Day! Are you finished?

Do you know that show Say Yes to the Dress? They always ask the question, “Are you saying ‘Yes’ to the dress,” knowing full well that the bride-to-be is going to say, “Yes.” Asking my boys, “Are you finished,” is kind of like that–but about school! They love being able to tell me they are done with school for the day, so I always like to ask, “Are you finished?,” and I get a resounding, “Yes!” back. Tell me… what do your kids want to do FIRST when they finish their school work?

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06 Nov: German Phrase of the Day! You always do such a good job.

Nolan is the most adorable guy. He will yell out super detailed compliments when we’re leaving a restaurant, which is funny cause he’s so quiet. Like, he’ll say to the hostess at the Original Pancake House on our way out, “Thank you! You made the best pancakes with strawberries on top!” I just love how he appreciates things, down to the very last detail. (And how he tells the hostess.) Use, “You always do such a good job,” the next time you notice a job well done with your kids, friends, or… local hostess! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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24 Sep: German Phrase of the Day! Use your shovel to dig in the sand.

What’s your child’s favorite tool to dig in the sand? My older boys are past settling for sticks and plastic shovels. They want the real deal to make some serious creations or holes. The baby is just happy to be along for the ride and will use whatever they hand him. ๐Ÿ˜‚ You can use today’s phrase, “Use your shovel to dig in the sand,” the next time you are at the beach!

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14 Sep: German Phrase of the Day! What kind of pet do you have?

It’s pet week!! That’s right! We get to say phrases that are most often used with pets. “What kind of pet do you have?” is the perfect ice breaker when visiting new friends. We don’t have a pet right now, but my kids would LOVE a cat or a dog that Hector would really not like to have.

Because most people have dogs or cats, this week’s phrases will be about them. If you are fun family with chickens, lizards, hamsters, or other animals, check out the $35 phrasebook to use those animals in phrases in the language of your choice!