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18 Nov: Japanese Phrase of the Day! The leaves are falling from the trees.

Are you still going out on nature walks in the colder weather? The phrase, “The leaves are falling from the trees,” will be the perfect phrase for your family to practice saying to each other while out on your walk! Who doesn’t love this time of year when everything is changing colors? There seems to be so many fun activities to do, too! What’s your favorite fall activity?

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17 Nov: Japanese Phrase of the Day! Don’t walk in the puddle.

Have you seen that video of the kid jumping into the puddle, but he goes head under. It’s totally a special effect the dad did, but when my boys saw the little clip, they became convinced it was real! Now the boys are scared that every puddle is a sink hole. It’s the funniest thing. I wonder how old they will be before they get over their fear of puddles. Use the phrase, “Don’t walk in the puddle,” the next time it’s raining, and then show them the clip, and you may never have to worry about it ever again! 😂

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03 Nov: Japanese Phrase of the Day! You are a great singer.

Okay, no one will ever be telling me, “You are a great singer,” because that is definitely not a talent I was born with! Ha! Currently the only person who likes me to sing is my baby, which is totally fine by me. Him and I get to have our special singing time together… until his ears mature! How about you? Can you carry a tune or are you betting in the back of the choir? Haha! Use this phrase the time you can honestly say, “You are a great singer.”

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31 Oct: Japanese Phrase of the Day! We read together every day.

If you’re someone who considers audio books “reading” like I do, then I’d say, we read together all day long. 😜 Darian is always turning on an audio book for him and his brother as they do their daily chores, walking around listening to an audio book, or listening to one before falling asleep. He can’t get enough of them! Can we just give a shout out to the first person who thought of the idea that we should record books to listen to?! It’s the best. I love both physical books and audio books, but I know many have a preference. What do you prefer: audio or real book?

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06 Oct: Japanese Phrase of the Day! Let’s look it up.

Is there something in particular your kids are obsessed with right now? My boys are totally all about geology. They love searching for cool rocks and learning about mining! I love it when they get super excited about it and ask a question.
Teaching my kids how to find answers to their questions is more important than knowing the answer, so being able to say, “Let’s look it up,” in a foreign language is icing on the educational cake! And if they eat mostly icing, I’m okay with that. 😉

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19 Aug: Japanese Phrase of the Day! I’m excited. (for a male) / (for a female)

What’s the first thing a kid says on the morning of his or her birthday? “I’m excited!” Right?! For our kids’ birthdays, we skip the parties and presents and go on a fun trip together. (We did a big themed birthday for Darian when he was one, and I didn’t love doing it, so that was the last party. 😂) Last year for Nolan’s birthday, we did the Bahamas. For Darian and I, we went to San Diego. And for Hector, we were in Mexico on the beach! And this year… hahaha! We were going to be in France, Germany, Romania, and Italy across all our birthdays. Now we’re grounded. 😭 But we’ll still have fun! What do you do to make birthdays special in your house? What should we do this year now that our plans are cancelled? Any tips? Alllllll our birthdays are coming up.