Blog 33.2

01 Dec: Spanish Phrase of the Day! Let’s go on a walk.

While in Lisbon, we lived next to a castle! We could walk by it whenever we wanted and learn all about the religious conflicts from that time period! It was an amazing experience living so close to such an incredible place filled with rich history! I could have totally used today’s phrase, “Let’s go on a walk,” while we were there. You might not live near a castle here in the United States 😜 but you can still use this phrase the next time you head out with your family!

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07 Nov: Spanish Phrase of the Day! You’re such a good girl (boy).

An affirming parent does wonders to a child’s emotions, right?! Although my boys can drive me crazy at times, at the end of the day, I am so thankful I get to be their mom. I want to speak love and positivity into their life and using the phrase, “You’re such a good boy,” is a great place to end our week of giving compliments. What was your favorite compliment from this week?

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26 Oct: Spanish Phrase of the Day! Would you like to read together?

We live right across from our local library, and it has been so fun to follow the river to the library and check out new books! Of course, COVID changed that for a while, but we’re thankful to have it close by! This week’s phrases are all about reading together–probably one of the most popular past times of many families I know! To start of the week, use the phrase, “Would you like to read together?” the next time you are ready for reading time!