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26 Oct: Spanish Phrase of the Day! Would you like to read together?

We live right across from our local library, and it has been so fun to follow the river to the library and check out new books! Of course, COVID changed that for a while, but we’re thankful to have it close by! This week’s phrases are all about reading together–probably one of the most popular past times of many families I know! To start of the week, use the phrase, “Would you like to read together?” the next time you are ready for reading time!

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08 Oct: Spanish Phrase of the Day! Do you want a piece of paper?

I say this all. the. time. with my boys. There’s always something that they are doing that requires paper. Nolan loves to draw videos games out on paper where each level is its own page. He designs them and then colors them! Next he lies them across the floor until we have a detailed overview of a 30 level game covering our living room. It’s pretty fun to see what he comes up with. The next time you ask your kids, “Do you want a piece of paper,” ask it in a foreign language!

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26 Sep: Spanish Phrase of the Day! I like to swim, play with my friends, and stay up late.

If your kid could summarize the best summer ever, it would be swimming, playing with friends, and staying up late. Am I right?! What more could a kid ask for?

A trip to Disneyland.

Okay, I said, “ask” not, “dream” Hahah!

Anyway! Have fun with this longer, slightly challenging phrase, “I like to swim, play with my friends, and stay up late,” as we end our swimming phrases week!

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19 Sep: Spanish Phrase of the Day! Look out! Don’t step in the poop.

Today’s phrase is probably the most important phrase of the entire week. lol “Look out! Don’t step in the poop,” is a phrase anyone needs whether you own a pet or not. There’s nothing worse than hanging out at playdate at the park and accidentally stepping in poop! This is a great phrase to not only use as a family but with friends who are learning a foreign language too! (Because friends don’t let friends step in poop.)

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17 Aug: Spanish Phrase of the Day! Blow out your candles!

It’s birthday week!! My favorite birthday memory has to be Hector and I seeing Taylor Swift in concert on the 13th row. 😜 He also said I don’t get another birthday present ever again, and next time, I have to see Taylor Swift with my friends. But he was a good sport! Too bad Love Fest was cancelled! Hopefully next year @jaicy and I will see her! Will she play both albums?!I would LOVE to hear your most favorite birthday story!