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25 Jul: Spanish Phrase of the Day! Go in the elevator.

Poll time! What do your kids like more: elevator or escalator? There’s always a favorite. Escalators are cool, and my kids like how dangerous they feel: will I get off in time before the step collapses?! But elevators… they have buttons to fight over! hahah Today, elevators win with the phrase, “Go in the elevator.” If you have the $35 phrasebook, go check out the phrase, “Who wants to push the button?” to talk even more while running errands in the foreign language of your choice!

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13 Jul: Spanish Phrase of the Day! Look at those beautiful flowers.

Last week, we spent so much time in nature, and the weather was sooooo nice. I love nature as long as it’s not too hot out. Then I’m such a baby, dying, being dragged through the forest against my will. 😂 And you thought your kids were bad! This week, we’re focusing on nature phrases, and we’re starting off with flowers! And boy are they beautiful popping up everywhere! What kind of outdoor adventures do you have planned this summer?

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08 Jul: Spanish Phrase of the Day! “Tell him, ‘Sorry’,” “Tell her, ‘Sorry.'”

What do you have your kids do after they’ve had a fight? I have my boys share three things they are grateful for about the other person. I want them to remember that their relationship is more important than who got the last bit of Cheerios… Raising children to be kind to others is one of the most important things in today’s world, right? A huge part of it starts with being able to apologize when we are wrong. Use the phrase, “Tell him/her, Sorry,” the next time things get a little out of hand. Let me know in the comments what you do help your kids be kind to each other!

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05 Jun: Spanish Phrase of the Day! Pick up your clothes.

🖨️ Click the form to the right to get a FREE phrase of the day calendar for this week in the language of your choice.As the kids get older, I find myself answering the yes/no questions my boys are asking me with, “You need to clean your room.” Like, if they ask if they can play video games. It’s not, “yes,” or, “no.” It’s, “You need to clean your room.” hahah! Once that task is done, then things are a little more right in my world. Have you noticed any phrases similar to that, that you say all the time instead of yes or no?