Charter Schools


If you’re ordering TalkBox.Mom through your charter, below are the ins and outs of filling out your purchase order.


To contact us, please email You can find order information below.

  • STEP 1

First, be sure you’re familiar with our program. We’re here to help your family learn a language together. Like actually speak the language from day one, so you and your family can do more good in the world, connect with more cultures as you travel, and expand your educational and work opportunities. If that’s exactly what you’re looking for, you’ll make a ton of progress.

This is not a program to babysit your child. If you are not interested in talking in a foreign language with your child, this is not for you.


Second, you need to know what’s available to order for this school year and the pricing. You can see below what’s available to order through a charter for the 2023 – 2024 school year.

SpanishAvailable1 – 9
FrenchAvailable1 – 9
GermanAvailable1 – 9
ItalianAvailable1 – 9
JapaneseAvailable1 – 9
Chinese {Mandarin}Available1 – 9
HebrewAvailable1 – 6
RomanianAvailable1 – 6
Brazilian PortugueseAvailable1 – 4
RussianAvailable1 – 3
KoreanAvailable1 – 3

When you order more than three boxes together, you save money. Here is the pricing:

1 – 3 boxes: $90 per box

4 – 8 boxes: $86 per box

9 boxes: $82 per box

$35 by itself
$25 with at least one Box

Coupons and referral codes are not applicable on purchase orders.


You will need to check with your charter to know which of these three options they would like you to use to order. (1) You submit a purchase order to your educational specialist. (2) Your charter orders directly through our website. (3) You order through our website and are reimbursed by your charter.

Option 1: Ordering with a purchase order.

Step 1: Student’s Email Address
First, we must have the student or family’s email address. (It cannot be an educational specialists email address.) Put the email address in the notes of the order if your charter doesn’t have this email in the contact area of your purchase order. The app login as well as box sequence order for shipping is tied to the family’s email address. The same email must be used for each purchase order.

Step 2: Your Boxes
On the first line of purchase order, write the language you would like for your boxes. (For example, Spanish)
Then write how many boxes you would like for the school year. (For example, Spanish – 4 Boxes)
Then write what you would like your delivery pacing to be: Monthly, Every Two Months, or Every Three Months. (For example, Spanish – 4 Boxes – every two months)
Use the pricing above to calculate the cost of your boxes. (Multiple the number of boxes you want with the correct price per box.) Write that total on your purchase order.
If already have previously purchased boxes linked to your email, use that same email address, so you don’t get any repeat boxes.

Step 3: Your Phrasebook
On the second line, write the language you would like for the phrasebook in the name Use ____ at Home. (For example, Use Spanish at Home.)
Then write the price for the phrasebook. If you are ordering with boxes, the phrasebook is $25 instead of $35.

Step 4: Shipping
We cover your media mail shipping for free. If you would like priority, it will be $7 in shipping per box (even if a book is inside your first box). For just the book on its own without any boxes, it will be $4 for priority mail.

Step 5: Sales Tax
Calculate the sales tax based on the shipping location. If you are not sure, we will add this tax to the purchase order if applicable.
Fill out anything else your charter needs and submit your form to your educational specialist. When ready, email the purchase order to

Option 2: Ordering as a charter on behalf of a student.

To order on behalf of a student, you can checkout through our website by clicking this is a gift and inserting the student’s name and email address. This way the family does not have access to any payment information but can access the app.

At checkout, enter the student’s shipping address under Shipping Address.

You can checkout with just a book or a package of (a book with) one, four, or nine boxes. Then after checkout, cancel the subscription to stop any future payments. What you have purchased will still ship after the subscription is canceled.

Option 3: Order yourself and get reimbursed

Only do this option if your charter has approved reimbursement. You can order just a book or a package of (a book with) one, four, or nine boxes. Then after the checkout, you can (1) cancel the subscription to stop any future payments or (2) put the subscription on pause, so you can start it again when you want to place another order.

You will receive a receipt emailed to you that can be submitted to your charter if they have approved reimbursement.