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What We Do

We help families to start talking in a foreign language the same exact day they start.

Our signature program is our TalkBox.Mom Boxes—where families work through a nine-box series that includes printed language guides and native speaker audio in the TalkBox.Mom Companion App to transform their home into a language immersion zone.

Our mission is life-changing results. 

We know that when a family can actually speak another language—not get stuck just learning one—they can connect with their community, grow closer to their extended family and heritage, open up work and educational opportunities, and make lifelong friends and connections when they travel.

Our sales and marketing team is responsible for finding the kindest and most loving parents that want to connect with their child(ren) as they learn to use another language together as a family. Their goal is to stop families from wasting precious time and money on programs that will leave them stuck—instead of talking—and connect them to the best language program for families.

Our operations team is responsible for maintaining, improving, and innovating the best language program for families. Their goal is to delight our customers as our families reach their goals. From the language guides in our program, to the tech, to our customer service, all the way to the assembly, inventory, and shipping, our ops team is helping families pass up years of trying to learn a language by giving them exactly what they need to succeed.

Our finance and HR team is responsible for forecasting, protecting, and investing to make the TalkBox.Mom dream come true.

We’re looking for strong, smart, and sharp team members who can pull us across the finish line time and time again. Is that you?

Are you one of us?

TalkBox.Mom Team Members span multiple countries, come from various cultures, and speak different first languages, but we all have seven things in common.


By using data and innovation to hit the target, we aim to widely exceed the expectations of our team and customers through high-quality, detail-oriented, and customer-centric work, which leaves everyone saying, “Wow,” as well as, “Thank you, you genius.”


Our work and personal lives have clear and respected boundaries, allowing us to come to work invigorated and ready to make our greatest contributions and show up at home to do the same.


We’re experts in our roles, and we never stop striving to improve our skills through professional trainings, books, and the guidance of other experts; we constantly improve ourselves, our operations, and our products.


With a positive attitude, we’re able to respectfully give and receive constructive criticism to reach our goals, have each other’s backs by double-checking and never skipping steps, and prioritize what is best for TalkBox.Mom and our TalkBox.Mom families.


We tell the truth, do what’s right, and honor our commitments even when inconvenient or embarrassing. We’re strong enough to do the right thing.


No need for tears or pointing fingers. When we fail, we transparently own it, openly resolve it, and learn the lesson to avoid it in the future by always focusing on getting it right instead of being right.


We allow fun to shine through our work so our customers can feel it! Because we want them to have fun with us! (And being a foodie just helps with that.)

If we’re describing you and the type of team you’d love to be a part of, don’t hesitate to see what jobs are open or get yourself on file—even if we don’t have a spot open for you right now.

How TalkBox.Mom Started

Adelaide Olguin, creator and CEO of TalkBox.Mom, realized that parents are actually the most successful language teachers in the world—not professors. When it hit her in an apartment abroad in Brazil back in 2014 with her two little boys and husband, she was able to turn traditional language learning on its head, helping her family to pass up years of trying to speak another language by talking from day one—instead of year 2 or year never.

With her expertise in linguistics, design, marketing, and business, she developed TalkBox.Mom with a team of native-speaking women and launched it in 2016. In 2017, for obvious reasons (aka it works), it became a favorite for homeschool families and then later military families, families with children in language immersion schools, and any family that really wants to be able to use another language. 

Now over 70,000 family members have started talking in another language with TalkBox.Mom, and we’re just getting started.

Upcoming Positions

Customer Support Specialist
Location: Dallas, Texas (in office)

Social Media Manager
Location: Dallas, Texas (in office)

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