Your family. a foreign language. 7 minutes.

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Start talking with your family in minutes!

For families with children of all ages.

What can I expect?

If you want to start talking in and understanding a foreign language with your child in minutes, I’ll first send you the activity that has helped thousands of families to use their dream language with their family just by playing with a ball.

Then you’ll receive four more emails with printables and activities spaced out across the next couple of weeks. Check out the details below!

Week 1

Within 10 minutes, the ball challenge will be sent to you. This challenge has videos to guide you along as well as native speaker audio, so you can hear how the phrases sound.

The next day, you’ll get a follow-up email with a printable of the phrases from the ball challenge.

Week 2

If you don’t already have our phrasebook for families, you’ll get an email this week with way usable phrases from the book and the native speaker audio to practice saying them!

Week 3

If you don’t already have our subscription box, you’ll get a mini-lesson pulled straight from our first box. This cute printable with illustrations and native speaker audio will have your child using a foreign language when asking for snacks.

Week 4

This week you’ll get a fun surprise with a coupon to start our program if you’re interested!

And then it ends?! 🙂 Nope!

Not if you don’t want it to! We still have more fun planned for you! After these four weeks, you’ll join our weekly language squad where we send out motivation, printables, and sound advice to help you move forward in talking in a foreign language with your family!

Get Started & Start talking!