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19 Sep: Spanish Phrase of the Day! Look out! Don’t step in the poop.

Today’s phrase is probably the most important phrase of the entire week. lol “Look out! Don’t step in the poop,” is a phrase anyone needs whether you own a pet or not. There’s nothing worse than hanging out at playdate at the park and accidentally stepping in poop! This is a great phrase to not only use as a family but with friends who are learning a foreign language too! (Because friends don’t let friends step in poop.)

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15 Sep: Russian Phrase of the Day! Be very gentle with the cat.

My friend Molly has 3 cats. Yes, you read that right, THREE cats. Like Taylor Swift. 😜 She’s cool being called the crazy cat lady. Haha! One phrase you will hear her often saying is, “Be very gentle with the cat.” Although her cats are super friendly, it can be hard for toddlers to understand how rough they are being on the cat’s soft fur. Practice this phrase with your kids if you own cats, or for the next time you are with friends, so you can remind your kids to be gentle in a foreign language!

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14 Sep: German Phrase of the Day! What kind of pet do you have?

It’s pet week!! That’s right! We get to say phrases that are most often used with pets. “What kind of pet do you have?” is the perfect ice breaker when visiting new friends. We don’t have a pet right now, but my kids would LOVE a cat or a dog that Hector would really not like to have.

Because most people have dogs or cats, this week’s phrases will be about them. If you are fun family with chickens, lizards, hamsters, or other animals, check out the $35 phrasebook to use those animals in phrases in the language of your choice!

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11 Sep: French Phrase of the Day! Please sit down.

In case you couldn’t tell, Nolan is FULL of energy. He even has a hard time sitting still while we record these Phrase of the Day videos! hahaha! But that’s the benefit of homeschooling. He can jump around the room as he rattles off his multiplication facts to me, but there are times that I ask him to, “Please sit down.” It’s pretty hard to write while jumping off the chairs. Thankfully, he’s pretty good at settling down when he really needs to. What about you? Do you have certain subjects that you do sitting down vs. standing?

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10 Sep: Russian Phrase of the Day! I know the answer!

I interrupt your regular social media content for random information that is usually only seen on Jeopardy! I’ll go first, as long as you join me in the comments! Do you know where the word “salary” is derived? Its Latin root is “salarium,” used in paying Roman soldiers in salt! Salt was so valuable back then, they would sometimes pay Roman soldiers in salt goods. Salt to salary. There ya go! Some people dispute the claim, but there’s enough historians out there who say this is true for me to think it would show up in a Jeopardy questions some day!
Use today’s phrase, “I know the answer!” the next time you are playing a trivia game with this awesome salt knowledge you now have! ha!

Now it’s your turn! What’s the most random thing you know?!