Chinese {Mandarin}

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10 Nov: Chinese Mandarin Phrase of the Day! Please get ready to go.

Getting ready to go can be an event in and of itself! You feel me, Mom?! If I rush Nolan with getting ready, he will just race out of the house without shoes on. Getting completely ready and out the door can be too much for his brain to process. He just doesn’t think about it! One time we went on a trip a couple hours from home, and when we arrived and got out of the car, we realized he had no shoes with him. We had to go to the store to buy him shoes! Ha! Do your kids do something similar? Tell me I am not alone!

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14 Oct: Chinese Mandarin Phrase of the Day! I hate broccoli.

I would never use this phrase because I LOVE broccoli. However, I have these things called boys. Hahaha! Although they might be happy to use the phrase, “I hate broccoli,” they know they have no choice in the matter, so they eat it up.

One thing I’ve learned to do is that if they don’t like something, I’ll ask questions like, “Is it salty or sweet?” or “Is it slimy or sticky?” so it feels more like an experiment… and they give it a try! What’s the hardest veggie to get your kids to eat? You can totally pop it in this sentence by using Challenge 2 in the first box!

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30 Sep: Chinese Mandarin Phrase of the Day! The plant is growing really fast.

I like this general phrase, “The plant is growing really fast,” because your kids can use this phrase without having to immediately learn every single type of plant in your garden. As the natural progression of speaking your foreign language continues, you can replace, “plant” with the newest word you’ve introduced: carrots, pumpkins, sunflowers, zucchini–and all the other things you grow at home!

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23 Sep: Chinese Mandarin Phrase of the Day! Jump!

Here’s a super simple phrase for even the most resistant foreign language learner in your family. “Jump!” is just one word, but a full phrase! Switch from saying this phrase in English and I stress encourage your kids in a foreign language to jump off the diving board or into the lake. I have no doubt that your child will understand this simple phrase after a few hours of using this single word every time your kid jumps into the water! I bet you they won’t even realize they are learning it!


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11 Aug: Chinese Mandarin Phrase of the Day! I’m okay.

I thought of our friends with moody teens and tweens when adding, “I’m okay,” to the calendar. Do you notice around the teen years kids are never great or bad? Just… okay. I want kids to be excited to learn, so sometimes we need to add in phrases that honestly reflect their emotions. So here’s to the, “I’m okay.” I’m just happy they are saying it in a foreign language!

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04 Aug: Chinese Mandarin Phrase of the Day! My stomach hurts.

All right. Let’s hear ’em! Tell me your worst throw up story. I know you have them! We all do. Somehow our moms forget to tell us about all the throw-up that happens when you have kids. It’s like they block that part out! And I can see why!

When Darian was little, he had a bad flu and kept throwing up. We were trying to get him to make it to the toilet or trash can to throw up… but he threw up in the hall… or near the toilet on the ground… or to the right of the trash can. By the middle of the night, I was SO tired. Like physically tired from the lack of sleep and tired of cleaning up throw up again and again. Finally he was fine, and I laid down to sleep until I was suddenly awoken by him telling me that he was going to throw up 😦 and I literally sat up and cupped my hands, catching it as it went down my arms 😭 because I didn’t want to scrub the carpet again.

And then Nolan threw up and was sick too. 😭