How Does TalkBox.Mom Compare to the Pimsleur App?

Pimsleur is an app on your phone that you can play, and it takes you through the language of your choice systematically. Something important to note is that a lot of the features and phrases taught through this program are geared towards adults (for instance, you are taught right off the bat how to schedule a meeting in a foreign language). This program is an option if you are an adult wanting to learn a foreign language by yourself and are interested in learning professional terms in order to do business abroad.

If you would rather learn a foreign language through an immersive, more child-centered program that your whole family can benefit from, TalkBox.Mom is a great option for you! You and your kids are given the opportunity to talk in a foreign language using phrases that you say in your normal day-to-day life. Instead of sitting in front of a computer screen, your kids are able to use the new language as they do chores, wash their hands, eat their food, etc. Transforming your daily life into a new language makes it so much more exciting and fun!


Answered by Molly

  • Pimsleur gives a short history of the language.
  • Pimsleur offers short lessons.
  • TalkBox.Mom offers practical, real-life language use.
  • Pimsleur breaks down the words when listening to the recordings.
  • The TalkBox.Mom Companion App offers native speaker audio where the native speaker says each word slowly, giving you time to repeat it, and then again at a normal speed.
  • Pimsleur lists outdated expressions that I might have learned in high school that are now no longer relevant.

If you’re ready to give your family a hands-on experience when it comes to talking in a foreign language with TalkBox.Mom, click here to get your first TalkBox.Mom box and phrasebook!


How does TalkBox.Mom compare to the Pimsleur app?

Answered by Molly

What is the difference between Pimsleur and TalkBox.Mom?

Well, Pimsleur is an app on your phone that you can play and

it takes you through the language systematically.

There’s actually quite a lot of features that I liked about

Pimsleur, but what I noticed is all those features are for

adults; like having auto play turned on when you’re in the

car or it has some other features like that. But the phrases

I was learning right off the bat,

were very much for adults, like how to schedule a meeting,

or things like that that kids have no desire to learn.

What I like about TalkBox.Mom

is that they take the phrases that kids say all

day long, every day, and they put that directly into the very

first box that you learn.

It’s not saying, “Hi,

my name is…” or how old I am, because honestly kids don’t answer

that question very often. But do you know what they do

say all the time or ask for? Are snacks, right?!

If you want your kids to enjoy learning a foreign language,

and you want them to have victories quickly in learning a

foreign language, then grab a program like TalkBox.Mom where

they can immediately start implementing words like, “banana,”

“juice,” and, “treat,” right away.

So if you are someone who wants an immersive program where the

family can learn together and immediately start saying words

and phrases that you are already saying every day,

then use TalkBox.Mom.

If you’re someone who is a business professional who

is looking to work abroad then maybe Pimsleur might be the

right option for you.

If you’re ready to give your family a hands-on experience when it comes to talking in a foreign language with TalkBox.Mom, click here to get your first TalkBox.Mom box and phrasebook!

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  1. I really enjoyed Pimsleur Hebrew (level 1) But Hebrew level 2 has a new male speaker and is very hard to understand even when I slow him down on my audible app. there were a few words I had no idea he was saying . Funny enough I heard a similar sentence in the program and finally understood what the word was bc the pronunciation on TalkBoxmom is much more clearer. Also although I am enjoying pimsleur, I couldn’t talk to my own kids. And I want to go beyond touristy phrases bc I love foreign languages! And I am learning so much with my kids. They don’t hinder my learning. They are helping me with the language by using it in everyday life. Not just like listening to pimsleur and having to imagine im asking for a taxi in Israel. I can actually talk to my kids and fiancée. In real life , in real time and it cements the language even more.

    1. Hey April! Thank you for sharing your experience using both TalkBox.Mom and Pimsleur!
      I love that you’re having so much success 👏 Once you learn the foundation of a language and you’re using it in your daily life, it makes it so much easier to pick up those travel-specific phrases that you’ll rarely need. And learning with your kids is just so much fun! 🥰