How Does TalkBox.Mom Compare to Duolingo?

Duolingo is a fun way to move up levels and add on to your language abilities little by little. After making your free account, you can either test into a level or get started from the beginning. This is fun to use on your own and if you’re comfortable with it, have your child use.

TalkBox.Mom is completely different! From day one, you are using the language with your family in your everyday life. Your goal is to be able to use the language throughout your day and practice as life happens.

At TalkBox.Mom, we want the language to be a part of your life and be extremely applicable—not just to stay in a game. Right when you start TalkBox.Mom you learn phrases in the new language, and then you keep using them everyday. As you keep adding more of the new language to your life, you will ultimately become fluent!

Our goal is that you and your kids can actually use the language, and as a result you will be able to do more good in the world and have more educational and work opportunities.


Answered by Sam

  • Talkbox.Mom allows you to speak in a foreign language from day 1. It’s a family affair, you learn and practice together as a family.
  • With Duolingo, it’s individual learning with each family member needing their own account.
  • With Talkbox.Mom you are learning phrases you use in everyday life. You are learning and teaching your target language in the way one learns English. Listening and repeating, with vocabulary and grammar coming later after you have a solid base established.
  • Duolingo is also like a video game, where you earn points and you advance based on how well you do which can be fun, but doesn’t necessarily translate to being fluent.
  • Talkbox.Mom comes with the companion app that gives you all the native speaker audio. There are also fun printables for Bingo, Memory and more game ideas to play together as a family.
  • Duolingo is free, however, unless you use the paid version you do have ads and can run out of lives and no longer be able to move forward until more lives are either earned or wait the allotted time. The paid option is a monthly cost.
  • Talkbox.Mom has a couple of options, you can buy just the phrasebook or you can use their subscription boxes that you can have come at the pace you want.

To get started using TalkBox.Mom, click here to choose your language and buy your first TalkBox.Mom box and phrasebook!


How does TalkBox.Mom compare to Duolingo?

Answered by Sam

Hi, my name is Sam and I’m here to tell you a little bit

about the differences between TalkBox.Mom and Duolingo.

TalkBox.Mom allows you to start speaking in a foreign language the

very first day you start. It’s a family affair where you’re

learning and practicing as a family every day.

Duolingo is an individualized learning program where everyone

has to have their own account and they move through at their

own pace.

TalkBox.Mom has you start using phrases that you use everyday like,

“go to the car” or “I’m hungry”.

I don’t know about you, but my kids say, “I’m hungry” a million

times a day.

And so it’s been wonderful to easily replace a phrase we

already use, with a phrase in our target language.

Duolingo is more like a video game.

And so you’re kind of working to gain lives or to gain points,

which is fun, my kids love it.

However, they definitely aren’t becoming fluent because they’re

doing stuff that’s a little bit beyond them

since they don’t have a base in their target language.

TalkBox.Mom comes with the fantastic Companion App that

comes after you purchase a phrasebook or a subscription

box, and it comes with native speaker audio. And with the subscription

boxes, you’ll also find amazing printables with bingo, memory,

and lots of other games that families have done to learn

and practice their languages with their families.

Duolingo is free.

However, if you don’t want to deal with the ads or losing

lives all the time, and having to await the allotted time

before you can play again, then you’ll want to go with the

paid version which is a monthly cost.

TalkBox.Mom has a couple of different options.

You can get the phrasebook, which like I said before, comes

with the Companion App with native speaker audio, or you can

get a subscription box which also comes with a Companion

App with the native speaker audio.

So the subscription boxes you can pace at whatever you

want, so you can have them come once a month or you can have

them come once a year.

It’s up to you and how quickly you want to walk through.

To try out TalkBox.Mom.

I suggest clicking the link below where you’ll find our free

ball challenge!

To get started using TalkBox.Mom, click here to choose your language and buy your first TalkBox.Mom box and phrasebook!

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