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10 Dec: Italian Phrase of the Day! You’re missing a sock.

My boys have a strong morning routine. They use getting dressed phrases together all the time! Nolan struggles with socks and shoes. If we’re ready to go and he doesn’t have his shoes on, he’ll just leave the house without them! When I see him starting to struggle with one sock, I need to jump in quit to help before it causes more problems. lol Your kids can use today’s phrase, “You’re missing a sock,” as they help each other get ready!

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19 Nov: Italian Phrase of the Day! There’s a storm.

My kids LOVE storms. When we are at a hotel, Darian gets so excited because they have “CHANNELS!” He loves watching the weather channel and the show the World’s Deadliest Weather. He has a hard time leaving the hotel room because he loves watching it so much! How about your kids? Will they happily use the phrase, “There’s a storm,” or will it be said as they run to hide under a blanket?

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02 Nov: Italian Phrase of the Day! That was funny.

Happy Halloween! I think this phrase, “That was funny,” is perfect for Halloween! Some people make Halloween spooky, but a lot of the time the costumes can be really funny, or better yet, something funny happens while everyone is out having a great time. Like scaring someone and then laughing about the reaction… My kids favorite for Halloween.
Did you see the picture I posted last month while our family was at Halloween Town? Hector looked pretty awesome in his Lego Batman Mariachi costume! 😂 That was so funny that he won!

Although things are a little different this year, I hope your family is able to have a fun night celebrating! Tell me… what are you doing tonight to make Halloween fun?!

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02 Nov: Italian Phrase of the Day! Your hair looks great.

This week, give the gift of complimenting each other in a foreign language! I tell my boys that accepting compliments are just as important as giving compliments.

As a mom, it’s easy for me to be too critical of myself. My boys might say, “Your hair looks great,” as we head out the door, but I can be too quick to say, “No, it’s such a mess! I didn’t even style it this morning!” Not accepting the compliment doesn’t make them feel great, and if I keep countering their compliments with complaints, they might not want to give compliments at all. So I work really hard on always saying, “Thanks!” and making sure they do the same when they receive compliments.

Tell me… are you good at accepting compliments or do you down play them too?!

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30 Oct: Italian Phrase of the Day! I love reading with you.

Inspire, don’t require.

That phrase is always in the back of my mind as we raise our boys. I do my best to inspire our kids to doing what is right, to work hard, to have fun, and everything else by doing that myself. I hope that by my example the boys will also want to do those things.

Reading is no different. I love to read. When they see me reading or listening to an audio book, it inspires them to do the same!

Reading with them helps that too. Today’s phrase, “I love reading with you,” can go right along with instilling a love of reading into your kids.