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29 Sep: Romanian Phrase of the Day! I am watering the flowers.

We have this wonderful 87 year old neighbor who just loves keeping his yard in perfect shape. It’s his pride and joy! He loves looking at a clean lawn so much that he comes over to our yard and helps us to make sure our yard is looking nice. Sometimes I think I should purposefully leave it more unkempt to give him more to do. Ha!! Just kidding… kind of. Hahah! He really loves it! Use today’s phrase with your kids, “I am watering the flowers,” as you are outside talking with your neighbors!

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03 Sep: Romanian Phrase of the Day! Are you having fun?

Has anyone told you that you’re a great mom lately? Well, you are! At this very moment you’re using your time on social media to find a fun and different way to interact with your kids. Learning a foreign language takes time and consistency, but here you are, showing up!
Today’s phrase, “Are you having fun,” can be used in so many ways—not just for a Birthday party! I hope you have fun while you learn this phrase in the language of your choice!

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14 Jul: Romanian Phrase of the Day! The grass is so green.

Darian once said, “We have the grass of my nightmares.” Haha! We don’t know much about lawns, so still not sure what happened to it. To Darian, it looked like a poop minefield! Thank goodness our 87 year old neighbor knows everything about lawns and was sweet enough to tell us to seek professional help and gave us the number to his lawn guys. 😂 Hopefully your lawn looks a little better than ours did, so you can use the phrase, “The grass is so green,” the next time you’re playing outside with your kids!