Blow Your Foreign Language Tutor Away by Practicing as a Family

Tutors are really great. You have one-on-one time with them for 30 minutes to one hour each week. So if you already have a tutor, awesome!
However, just like with music lessons, you wouldn’t send your child to a lesson and not practice… or have them practice by just looking at sheet music all week and writing notes. They need to play!

With a foreign language, the practicing happens when you actually *talk* in the language, rather than just writing, reading, or doing nothing between lessons.
When you use TalkBox.Mom, your whole family learns together. You can share phrases while out on a walk, at the breakfast table, and even while spending a little bit of dedicated time at the school table learning together. You are having conversations with your kids while doing your favorite activities.

If you already have a tutor, he or she will be blown away with your progress each week, and they’ll be able to do more with you. Plus, the TalkBox.Mom program is way less expensive than having a tutor.

So if you really want to talk as a family, TalkBox.Mom is a great option. If you already have a tutor, you don’t need to get rid of them, but you can make your time with them way more valuable by practicing throughout the week.


Answered by Eileen

  • Less expensive, more than one hour per week.
  • Wish a private tutor you child will only really have an opportunity to talk with that ONE person and that’s only once a week, the results won’t be as strong as if you had someone in your own family to talk to every day.
  • If you pay for a private tutor that one child will know the language,  but what about everyone else in the family? With TalkBox.Mom you pay for the box and EVERYONE in your family has the opportunity to learn the language.
  • More bang for your buck!

If you think TalkBox.Mom could be the right fit for you, click here!


How does TalkBox.Mom compare to getting a tutor?

Answered by Eileen

I know you’re wondering: how is having a private tutor for

a foreign language similar or different to TalkBox.Mom?

Well, the two are actually quite different. Having a private

tutor means that you’re going to load up your children in

the car, drive them somewhere to spend 30 minutes to an hour

with a private tutor or maybe in a small group setting. They’re

going to learn with that one tutor. Then they are going to

come home, and probably not have anyone to talk to

in the language they just started learning.

With TalkBox.Mom,

you’re going to be learning the language as a whole family.

You, as the parent, are actually going to be quite involved,

which is a really good thing because your children are going

to have you to have real conversations with; in the kitchen,

perhaps getting a snack together, or getting ready to go on

a bike ride, or out on a nature hike, or loading up in the

car to head to the library. Real conversations that you, and

your child are going to have together. Not just one-on-one

conversations with the tutor to be forgotten a few days later

until they head back to the tutor.

So, I think that you’re going to find that having TalkBox.Mom

is going to give you a lot of bang for your buck

because you are all going to learn together!

You’re not just going to be paying money to a private tutor

for one or two children to learn a language, but you will

all learn it together.

Click the link below if you want to find out how this is

going to be the right fit for your whole family!

If you think TalkBox.Mom could be the right fit for you, click here!

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