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03 Aug: French Phrase of the Day! I think I am getting sick

Do you want to see me totally struggle with a new phrase in a foreign language I don’t know?! Then watch today’s Phrase of the Day video. Hahaha! French is a super different language for me. Our family speaks in German and Spanish to each other every single day. Definitely not French! But I would like too!

You may think that owning a language company means I am some linguist genius, but that is not that case! I am just a normal mom like you, who wanted to make learning a second language fun and actually happen for my kids! We all start out in the kind of overwhelmed phase of “How am I ever going to sound like a native?!” Just take it one day at a time, one phrases at a time, one word at a time! And you’ll totally see a difference overtime—especially if you’re having fun and not stressing!

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31 Jul: French Phrase of the Day! I need a Band-Aid®

No trip to the playground is complete without someone needing a Band-Aid, am I right?! Kids and the elderly love those Band-Aids.

Note that in some languages there is a distinction between a child saying it and an adult. I opted to use the phrase that kids would say. This phrase is also a fun one to say for those kids who love playing doctor at home on their stuffed animals! What character do your kids want on their Band-Aid? I bought the Costco pack of Band-Aids, and it’s been pretty boring. Now that we’re running out, I’m thinking about adding a little more fun to our Band-Aids.

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18 Jul: French Phrase of the Day! After it rains, there is a rainbow.

I know the phrase, “After it rains, there is a rainbow,” is a literal telling of the science of rain and rainbows, but I also love this phrase as a philosophical saying. When life isn’t going exactly according to plan, (um, the last 3 months of everyone’s life!) it is always good to remember to choose joy. Enjoy saying this phrase with your kids—whether you use this phrase to talk about nature or as a life lesson.

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10 Jul: French Phrase of the Day! Go in the other room.

Do you ever hang out in your bathroom for a few extra minutes just to be alone? Or until your legs go numb? Being a mom of younger kids is exhausting. I don’t need to tell you that! When the kids are getting on each other’s last nerves, it is always a good idea to give them space, just like we need space. Use the phrase, “Go in the other room,” for those times when the kids need some time apart. And during this lockdown, boy did my kids need time apart in separate rooms.