How to say U in French and Ü in German

Hi, it’s Adelaide, the founder of TalkBox.Mom, where you start talking in a foreign language with your family the same exact day you start.

Today I’m going to show you how to say the sound, “Ü.” This sound is a U with an umlaut in German and also a U in French and other languages. We don’t have this sound in English, but we do have two sounds that you can make to be able to say this sound correctly. Watch the video below to see how.

  1. The first sound is, “ee”. That sound is going to get your teeth and your tongue in the correct position.
  2. When you say, “ee,” you want to move your lips to say, “Ooh,” as if you were saying, “Ooh, La La.” 

I’m going to put my tongue and my teeth in the right spot by saying, “ee,” and I’m only going to move my lips as if I were saying, “ooh.”

I do want to remind you that it does take a couple of weeks to a couple of months to hear the sounds being said in a foreign language. If you stress yourself out about saying them correctly, it makes it harder to say those sounds because you’re not relaxed. So don’t stress too much about saying the sound correctly, just practice it every so often until you can really hear it and you’re able to say it easily.

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