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21 Nov: German Phrase of the Day! Shake the water off your umbrella.

This longer phrase, “Shake the water off your umbrella,” will give you a little challenge as we head into the weekend! Are you an umbrella person? I recently learned from our community manager Kaeti that longtime Pacific Northwest people say they are so used to the rain, they don’t use umbrellas. Like, what?! You just step into a shower with your dry clothes on? 🙉
Well, if you like staying dry and use an umbrella, it’s always a good thing to teach your kids good manners by shaking off the water from an umbrella before they head inside!

I’d love to know if you are team Umbrella or team shower with your clothes on. 🤣

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28 Jul: German Phrase of the Day! Let’s go down the slide.

I have noticed that once my kids have caught on to some foreign language phrases, they like saying them to their friends as well. It’s just like when they talk about some cool new fact they learned in history; they want to share in their language learning as well. Today’s fun phrase, “Let’s go down the slide,” is a great one to work on with friends!

Have your kids and their friends say this to each other as they take turns going down the slide! Your friends might not be in the same language learning mode as you, but I know that kids love picking up new things! Even if it’s a single phrase. Plus, if the do end up loving it, you can give them your affiliate code to save $15 on the first box and phrasebook, and you’ll get $15 off your next box! Take a peek in your account to grab your code. 👏