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The German TalkBox.Mom Program

What if German was as easy to use in your own home as English? (even if you know nothing OR everything)

Start talking in German with your family the same day you start!

Are you tired of…

Wasting time and money on programs that don’t have your child talking

The nagging voice that whispers, “You’re not enough to teach your child German”

Feeling stuck or moving forward slowly

Not talking to your child in German even  though you speak German in a religious, university, or work setting

Consuming mass amounts of grammar and vocab but not being able to talk

Being a native speaker who is ashamed that your child answers in English

Nothing sounds worse than wasting time and money on language programs that don’t have your child actually talking in German, causing them to miss out on educational and work opportunities that you would love for them to have

Here’s the Secret…

As a parent, you’re actually the MOST successful language teacher in the world.

Think about it…

Who taught your kids English?!


TalkBox.Mom will give you the tools you need to teach your children German the same way you taught them English: talking as life happens.

(yes, even if you know nothing or everything)

TalkBox.Mom is Different

Day 1: You Talk

You’ll talk in German with your family on the same day you start. You don’t have to wait until year two or NEVER.

Made by Native Speakers

Our team of native speakers wants you to sound like a family from Germany. AKA: No outdated translations or computer formulated responses. This is the real deal with native speaker audio.

Save Big Money

Each TalkBox.Mom box is equivalent to having an expert native speaker come to your home for at least $600 of their time. Our boxes are a seventh of the price.

How Does TalkBox.Mom Work?

We have 2 tools that help families to start talking right away.

How to Use the Phrasebook


Look for phrases that you want to say, need to say, and say all the time!

practice with the native speaker audio

Practice saying those phrases with the native speaker audio in the companion app.


Use the phrases as life happens. Check out the example below to see how this would work for your family!

Step 1: Choose a Phrase

Something I say a lot as a mom is, “Go to the car!”

This would be a great phrase because I say it when we leave the house, the park, or Chick-Fil-A.

My kids also say it to me on repeat if I’m talking too long after church ends.

I would heart this phrase in the book and companion app.

Step 2: Practice with the Audio

The hearted phrases go to a special part of the app that you can access from the home screen.

I’d go here each day to practice my phrase.

Click the video, and give it a go!

The native speaker says each word and pauses for you to repeat.

At the end, she says the full phrase and pauses for you to repeat.

Try it out now!

It will take you a couple of weeks to a couple of months to hear all the sounds being said, so don’t correct anyone’s pronunciation. They can’t hear it. They can’t fix it. They’ll just get annoyed or frustrated (and not want to do this with you).

Step 3: Use the Phrase

First, I would say to my child, “Geh zum Auto.” They might look at me like, “Huh?” So I would say, “That means go to the car. Geh… zum… Auto!”

Then I would say, “You say it to me!” They might say, “Gey um awto!” (But I wouldn’t correct them because they can’t hear all the sounds yet.)

I would say, “Great!” and go to the car. So they can be like, “Whoa! That worked!” Later, when we leave the store, I would use the phrase again, and they can recall it. Or I can remind them until it’s second nature.

Later, when your’re gabbing away to your friends after church, your child can go up to you and say, “Mom. Geh zum Auto!” 😉

Most Families Use the Book with the TalkBoxes

The TalkBox.Mom box

What’s in the TalkBox?

In each box, there are 3 different challenges to help you get really specific.

The layouts change in each box depending on what you are learning.

The first box is The Snacks & Kitchen Box.

Here’s a peek of the core challenges.

Challenge 1
Challenge 2
German Ch 2
Challenge 3

Our layouts are so smart and beautiful, that you won’t realize you’re learning hundreds and thousands of new phrases.

How to Use the TalkBox

Put up the TalkBox activity

Put up your language guide in your home or use with the activity.
(Not hidden in a binder!)


Practice with the native speaker audio. Families typically spend 5 – 20 min a day practicing.


Use the phrases as life happens. Move on to the next challenge after 1-4 weeks.

Step 1: Put up your guide.

The language guide goes up in your home where you can see and refer back to it. Not hidden in a binder!

Read through the English to get an idea of what phrases you’re using. So if your child whines, “I’m hungry,” you can say, “Let’s whine that in German!” 😉 Then you can look at the chart together if you need to remember how to say it.

If your child is older and rummages the kitchen, whenever they food, they need to ask if you want any. So they’re speaking German, and you’re getting food. Unless they eat it all, which then they can say in German, “We’re all out.”

Step 2: Practice with the Native Speaker Audio

Yes, everything has audio!

Let your children choose 2-5 phrases you want to start saying in German! Heart those in the app, so they show in the “We are learning section” on all your devices.

You only need to practice for 5-15 minutes a day. Focus on mastering a couple phrases over a small amount of time rather than trying to do everything all at once.

I love practicing the audio at bedtime! It’s part of our routine of brushing teeth, putting on pajamas, reading, and saying prayers. And when you slip it into your routine, you won’t forget. Plus, your kids might want to practice a lil’ longer to stay up a tad bit more! 😉

Step 3: Use the Phrases as Life Happens


The magic happens when you use the phrases with your family!

Like, when you’re cooking breakfast, and your youngest says, “Möchtest du etwas mehr?” (Do you want more?) And you’re like, “We just STARTED! And you’re already speaking German unprompted?!”

Focus on using the phrases you are learning or guiding little ones to say them word by word whenever you have the opportunitiy!

Whether you’re a beginner or a native speaker, your family will all be on the same page, using the same phrases to increase the areas of where you can speak.

Challenge 2

This isn’t a vocabulary chart. Rather, everything is written PROPERLY to fit into all the sentences at the top of the posters.

So if you sliced up apples for your kids, you could look at the phrase at the top for “Do you want…?” (to 2+) and add it to apple slices to sound just like a native speaker.

Challenge 3

These aren’t flash cards. These cards go near the item you’re talking about, so you can use them easily.

For example, I have the bowl, plate, and cup cards on the inside of my cabinet doors where I have those items. I open it up, remember we’re using German, and use one of those phrases.

Save a Ton of Money

If a native German speaker came to your home and did everything in a TalkBox.Mom box with your family, it would cost

at least $600 per child.

We took that native speaker experience and put it into an

$80 box

for your entire family.

That’s only $10 per week for your entire family to be speaking Geman if your boxes come every two months!

And you can have your boxes come faster or slower.

After 6 weeks, we have passed up all five years of trying to learn.

-Jessica Christensen

We are having fun and actually speaking!

-Amanda + Family

Order your talkbox now
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Our program has been updated to have 9 boxes total. Our web shop is currently being updated to match this change.

Want to order just the phrasebook Use German at Home?
Use German at Home

Includes app access for the book.

Buy Use German at Home

If you just want to get your toes wet, you can start with Use German at Home all by itself. Then when you're ready to dive deeper, you can order your German Talkboxes.

Use German at Home comes with a bonus of all the native speaker audio for Use German at Home in the Companion App.

Save $10 by ordering the book with your first box above.
We are speaking throughout the day on a regular basis.

-The Murphy Family

This allows us to incorporate learning into our everyday lives, and it’s working so well!

The Pittner Family

Bonuses? Yes, please!

When you purchase a TalkBox.Mom membership you also get these amazing perks:

TalkBox.Mom Companion App

Turn heads, blow minds, and practice without anxiety or judgement. Plus, access hundreds of bonus phrases with your life-time, non-transferable app access for every family member living in your household.

Request Phrases

Get personalized help without the price tag. Submit phrase requests inspired from what you’re working on in your book and boxes.

Save $10 on Use German at Home

When you purchase your first box with Use German at Home, you’ll get a coupon to save $10.
(only one coupon may be used at checkout)

How to be 100% Successful

Know exactly how to reach your goal and be successful with our video training and one page PDF guide to success.

Activity & Game Printables

Have fun while practicing what you’re learning with our bonus printables that compliment each TalkBox.

Group Membership & Giveaways

Stay accountable and get to know other TalkBox.Mom families in our private TalkBox.Mom Facebook Group where we give away one prize every single week.

Accountability Emails

Opt in to receive accountability emails that keep you on track each week, providings tips and motivation to keep you going strong!

Free Shipping

We cover shipping in the United States and territories. We upgrade our U.S. military families for free priority shipping if they have an APO or PPO.

We Want You to be Successful

Every family who’s committed to doing the TalkBox.Mom program has successfully used a foreign language in their everyday lives.

While we don’t offer refunds on purchased boxes, you can absolutely pause or cancel future payments with no fees. No hassle. No fuss. No questions asked.

We also offer a free download of our mini snack chart, so you can test it out.

What order do the boxes go in?

Whether you are a native speaker whose kids don’t talk back or just starting, the boxes go in this order. Our goal is to get you talking CONSISTENTLY as you move through your life. If you know more, you can go through the boxes faster.

Below is the box order and release dates.

   The Snacks & Kitchen Box

Prerequisite: None

Available: Now

   The Actions, Rooms & Games Box

Prerequisite: Box 01

Available: Now

   The First Bathroom Box

Prerequisite: Box 02

Available: Now

   The Drinks & Dining Box

Prerequisite: Box 03

Available: Now

   The Second Bathroom Box

Prerequisite: Box 04

Available: Now

   The Playground & Small Talk Box

Prerequisite: Box 05

Available: Now

   The Clothing & Weather Box

Prerequisite: Box 06

Available: Now

   The Chores & CLEANING Box

Prerequisite: Box 07

Available: Now

   The Arts & Crafts Box

Prerequisite: Box 08

Available: Now

Hello! I’m Adelaide, the creator of TalkBox.Mom.

Something that’s very special about our family is

When we arrive in a new country we can start talking in that language the same day we get there.

After about 2 weeks, we’re talking and understanding the locals. And they’re understanding us.

Within a couple of months, they think we’ve been living there for over a year.

And this is what I poured into TalkBox.Mom.

With my research and professional experience (yes, I’m a hot nerd), I worked with a team of native German speakers to create TalkBox.Mom to give families the tools to move quickly down the path towards fluency.

And thousands of families have found this same success with TalkBox.Mom:

Families who knew nothing sound like they’ve been talking for years

Parents with college degrees in a foreign language have learned more in the first 4 boxes of our program than with their 4-year degrees

Parents who speak a foreign language in a religious or work setting can actually talk with their family

Native speakers whose children didn’t talk back to them now talk nonstop in their language

100% of the families who USE our program talk

I don’t want you to be stuck in the same spot you are in now next year. Get your first TalkBox, and start talking!

This Program Will Not Work If…


You don’t like your kids or talking to them.

We’re serious. This happens. And we’re telling you right now, this will not work out if you don’t like your kids or talking to them.


You want tech to babysit your child.

This is not a program where your kid sits in front of a screen and you walk away. You do this program as a family.


You won’t actually do the program.

If your priorities are elsewhere, and you don’t do the work, you won’t see results. Really, if your child already speaks English, the only way your family won’t learn is if you don’t do the work!


You’re clinging to the past.

If you don’t have an iPhone, iPad, Android device, or computer with WiFi/data connection, this is a no go. And yes, we’re CD-less around here.

If this is you, get your hand off the mouse and do not hit that buy button!

No, no! I actually like my kids and want to talk in German with them!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you order the TalkBox.Mom box without getting a subscription?

Girl, you can checkout and then pause your account right away. Then whenever you want your next box, you can take your account off of hold, choose that day’s date, and then put your back on hold after your order goes through. Easy, peasy. These subscriptions are made for families.

Can our whole family use the app on different devices?

Yes, your whole family living in your household can use the app! You have lifetime, nontransferable access to the app. Your family will use the same login on multiple devices because you work together to master and check off phrases. This is a team effort!

What devices does the app work on?

The app was made for iPhones or Androids. Families also use it on the iPad. You will need to have a WiFi or data connection.

Can I have a different app logins for different family members?

Nope. This is a family thing where you learn the phrases together.

How long will I have access to the app or online companion?

Your family has lifetime access because you might want to go back and practice things that are fading. Or you might want to repeat the boxes when you have another child or your children enter high school.

When you purchase a box, the companion app and audio downloads are only licensed to your family living in your household. This license is non-transferable. So lifetime access is only for your family living in your home. 

What if I download the app without purchasing a product?

You can do that, but there won’t be any boxes or books in the app. Only when you purchase a TalkBox.Mom product will the app show that product in it.

Can we skip boxes or do they go in a specific order?

The boxes do go in a specific order because they get more intense as you move forward. For example, your cards in Box 8 don’t have English on them. If you already know a lot of German, you still start with Box 1. We’re concerned about you actually using what you know. So we’ll get you talking consistently and then start adding on more things. We recommend going faster if you already know more.

What if my family knows A LOT of German? Do we need to start with the first box?

Yes! It’s not about what you know. It’s about how much German you are actually using. If you aren’t talking consistently in German every day, start with box one. 

If you are talking in German with your family throughout your entire day, then you don’t need our program!

Does this program have audio?

Yes, that’s a huge part of our program. All the audio is from native speakers–not a computer. You will hear how words and sentences are said naturally inside the TalkBox.Mom Companion App.

Do you have CDs?

No, we do not offer CDs. We are always adding bonus and requested phrases, so CDs would get dated very quickly. You will need to access the app via WiFi or data on an iPhone or Android device. Or you can log into your web browser to access your TalkBox.Mom subscription box. For some challenges, you can download the full audio; however, this is only recommended after you have also learned the bonus phrases in the app.

Do you take returns?

You can cancel future payments any time. But we do not take returns on subscription boxes. We know that if your family works through a box, you’ll be talking even more. Because you get instant access and our boxes are so good, we do not offer returns on purchased subscription boxes. Be sure you are ready to commit before you hit buy.

What if my family doesn’t learn?

That means that your family didn’t do the work. If your family can speak English, they can start using German. If you don’t want to do the work to use German every day, do not buy this program.

Who wrote the German?

Not me! We only have NATIVE speakers, who are professional translators, editors, and voice artists, work on our program. These speakers don’t directly translate either. Instead, they tell you what they would say in a specific situation, so you actually sound like you grew up speaking German.

Where is this German from?

This German leans towards the German spoken in Germany.

Can I resell my box or share it with a friend?

The audio downloads and app access is non-transferable. Your license agreement for the audio and app when buying our program is only for your family living in the same household. It is illegal to allow other families to use your app access or send our audio downloads. Your app access will be revoked without a refund if you allow multiple families to use your access or transfer the ownership.

Our company is made up only of women and minorities. We appreciate your support by purchasing our products if you love them and want to use them. Send your friend to the ball challenge if they want to start!

Who do I contact if I have a question?

If you have a question now or in the future, our customer happiness team is excited to help you and make sure you are having a great time! If you have language questions, you can send it their way as well, but they will ask our German team first. Please contact them at support@talkbox.mom.