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Spanish TalkBox

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From: $80.00 every 3 months

Great pick! When you pay $80 for a TalkBox, you’re actually receiving the equivalent of at least $600 of personal instruction from a native speaker.

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TalkBoxes are physical products with online components (native speaker audio, bonus phrases, videos, tips, etc.). You need internet access to fully use TalkBox.Mom.

Needed: Order with Use Spanish at Home – Save $10 with promo code "bundle"

When it comes to talking in a foreign language, you have to actually use what you are learning and consistently build your skills over time—just like piano lessons.

Our TalkBoxes keep you accountable, moving your family, consistently forward, towards fluency while helping you talk to each other in Spanish from the very first day.

Every box focuses on an area of your family life and has three challenges that turn your house into a language immersion home, like language guides for washing your hands in Spanish above the sink. Yep, every time you wash your hands, snack on food, play, clean the house, do crafts, and so much more, you’re speaking Spanish to each other.

Our boxes are for beginners to forgetters, helping you teach your children Spanish the same way you taught them their first language--by talking. So if you want to hear Spanish spoken in your home every day, join today.

Why This Works So Well

How did you teach your children their first language when they were babies? With long grammar lessons? No way! You just talked as life happened. It's the easiest, most natural way to learn a language. Plus, the family is the perfect place to learn a language because we have to talk to each other all the time, and it's a safe place to try new things. We lean to our strengths as natural language teachers and learners to help families talk in Spanish all day long.

Whose Spanish?

The Spanish in these TalkBoxes leans towards the Spanish spoken in Mexico, so families in the United States can use their Spanish here and in various countries in North and South America.

Native Translations

All of our translations are done by native speakers. Their goal is that if you talked in front of their friends, their friends would think you are from Mexico. You won't sound like you learned Spanish from a textbook.

Native Speaker Audio

You're able to listen to the native speaker audio as many times as you would like while being able to repeat after the speaker. All of the audio is recorded by native speakers, and it's lovely. Take a listen.

the refrigerator - el refrigerador

Close the refrigerator door. - Cierra la puerta del refrigerador.

Put the food in the fridge. - Pon la comida en el refrigerador.

Paper Quality

All of your language guides, illustration charts, label cards, and monthly trackers come laminated for rough use. We made these for families, remember? ;)


When you finish your three challenges in your box and mark them as complete on our membership site before your next box ships, you receive a prize in your next box! We want you to succeed and surprises are awesome!

Box Frequency

There are a total of 18 boxes. You can do the program monthly or bi-monthly. You can put your boxes on hold during the summer (or whenever) or switch them to monthly to speed up for a couple months. Whatever works better for your family. The idea is to keep using what you are learning and growing consistently. You can always speed up, slow down, take a month off, or cancel. We want you to absolutely love your time with us!

Box Topics

By the end of confidently finishing our program, you will be talking in Spanish while your family eats snacks, uses things in the kitchen, cooks, grocery shops, puts food away, passes food around the table, drinks (the juice box kind), play games, like hide and go seek, yells to each other from other rooms in the house, washes their hands, brushes their teeth, uses the toilet, cares for their hygiene, uses common items in the bathroom, plays at the park, engages in small talk with strangers and later much longer talk, gets dressed... while paying attention to the weather, goes out the door, cleans up and does chores, uses common items in the bedroom, does arts and crafts, takes care of first aid, gets disciplined, uses common items in the family room, watches TV, plays video games, tries to find things around the house, goes on walks, explores nature in great detail, plays with toys, plays make believe, schedules their week, runs errands, tells the time, plays sports, goes to bed, reads together, discusses stories, and travels to, hopefully, a Spanish speaking country at the end! (and so much more!)

Our goal is by the end, you are already listening to music in Spanish, watching videos in Spanish, and moving even further without us because Spanish is now part of your life. Our successful families become conversational during our program and end up very far down the path towards fluency.

Recommended Ages

This is great for families with kids that are non-readers to high school seniors and those kids that just won't leave your home. ;) Grandparents love to do this with grandkids too. The idea is that the family is talking together. So if you are a family and need to communicate, you can start replacing what you normally say in Spanish.

Questions & Feedback

During the course, you are able to make requests for phrases that our native speakers can translate for our members. If you're confused about something, let us know. If you need something, let us know. We got you.

Subscriptions Made for Families

Before your next billing date: You automatically receive an email reminder. You can downgrade your membership to every other month. You can move your subscription back one month when you go on vacation. You can cancel your subscription. This all takes place in your account, which you set up at checkout. We want this membership to work for you and your family, so please contact us if you need anything.

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9 reviews for Spanish TalkBox

The TalkBox.Mom commercial featured at the THSC Homeschool Convention really caught my attention. The concept of learning a new language with your children while you go about your day really resonated with me. Instead of carving out another 20 minutes in our already busy schedule for a formal language lesson, we could easily incorporate Spanish with our very first TalkBox as we prepared to eat, for example. Considering how often my three boys do eat, that actually adds up to significantly more “language immersion” time than your traditional homeschool language lesson. Bonus!

When I saw the TalkBox in person at your booth, I was sold. My little heart went pitter-patter over the beautifully-crafted, laminated charts and cards. Who doesn’t love adorable, perfectly organized visuals? We have them proudly displayed now around the kitchen where the content is relevant and always accessible. No need to drag out/clean up flash cards on a daily basis. Another bonus!

My boys are only three and nearly-six, but we’ve been having so much fun speaking Spanish in the last three weeks. ​And it’s sticking! My husband and three-year old joined friends for a meal recently. (Keep in mind we were only one week in at the time having finished Challenge 1.) My three-year old, who had said hardly an English word the entire ​meal, s​potted dessert arriving to the table and blurted out, “Tengo hambre” (“I’m hungry”). Priceless!

Thank you for a fun and effective program for all.

I am so thankful I had the opportunity to meet Adelaide and learn about TalkBoxes! My children (ages 8 & 6) have been requesting to learn Spanish for a few years, but I couldn’t find any resources that seemed like a good fit for us. When I was introduced to the TalkBox program, I was absolutely amazed at how practical, simple, and fun learning a foreign language could be! It makes so much more sense than the way I was taught Spanish in high school. Only two days after opening our first box, we are having simple conversations in Spanish! The quality of this program is absolutely worth the investment!!

So many times I have bought things at conventions that I never use. Or I get home and think “why did I buy this!?” Sometimes it’s hard to know best items to buy while staying within budget. TalkBox was not a let down! It has been more than expected! We are having fun and actually speaking Spanish! Best/most fun purchase of the year!

We are LOVING our talkbox! My big kids ask for their snacks in Spanish now and my 2 year old is starting to speak it without prompting! She even sang “sandia, sandia” while eating her watermelon yesterday.

As a family who home educates, we wanted to include foreign language without having it feel like it was just another subject. This allows us to incorporate learning into our every day lives and it’s working so well!
Thanks for this amazing program!!

We are two boxes in and LOVE our Talkboxes! I took Spanish for four years in high school (though still wasn’t really good at it) so the boxes are jogging my memory and having people to talk to (my kids) is helping reinforce everything. My kids actually listen to me yell at them better in Spanish than they do in English! Never has trash been picked up so quickly in house 😂

My kids and I have really enjoyed our TalkBox. It’s well thought out, easy to use, the audio is a great resource, overall it’s a fantastic program. After our first TalkBox we are already using Spanish to communicate during meal times. The customer service is exceptional. I have always received quick and helpful responses to any inquires. I think it is absolutely worth the money.

I just have to say how much I love this program. We are only on our second box and we use the phrases book along with it. Today we sat next to a family speaking Spanish at lunch and my 7 year old was so excited because he could understand a lot of what they were saying. Yes, he was eavesdropping but this is my resistant to Spanish kid understanding pretty well a Spanish conversation from native speakers. This is my kid who whines every time I say something to him in Spanish or ask him to say something to me. But we have kept with it and he was beyond thrilled with himself at his ability to understand at lunch today. Thank you thank you!

I have been BLOWN AWAY by how thorough this program is! It’s quite simple too :). My 4 year old son requests that we “talk Spanish” every time we sit at the table to eat now. I’ve never seen a system so easy to integrate into every day life. And we’re all totally learning more every day, I highly recommend!!!

Oh my GOODNESS these talkboxes are fantastic!!! First, it is super cute when it arrives. Second, it is divided up and organized really well. Do I even have to tell you how great it is to have an open and go product? Yeah I didn’t think so. We started with the book and then added in the snacks from the talkbox – because I have four boys we talk about food all the time. The challenges are great. My kids thoroughly enjoy them. And I love that I can speed up or slow down my subscription boxes however I like. That is so rare with subscription boxes. I also really want to say something about the owner and employees of this company. They are beyond sweet and easy to communicate with. They have set the bar for customer service really high. And they have a Facebook Group where we get to watch their very enthusiastic videos and ask questions and feel like they are right here in my home helping me be a fun teacher. Their enthusiasm is infectious. Warning: Maybe wait til you have had your first cup of coffee before watching haha! They truly believe in what they are doing and they are loving it and you can tell it is their passion. I am extremely happy with everything that has to do with Talkbox. And so are my kiddos. They will not ever let me skip Spanish when we have a busy day. And honestly, because we have so many phrases now, we are speaking Spanish throughout the day on a regular basis. It is pretty great!

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