Spanish: Neighborhood Walks

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Spanish: Neighborhood Walks


Transform your neighborhood walks into Spanish!

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Look through the printable, listen to the audio, and see more details below!

When you jump into the Neighborhood Walks in Spanish, you’ll be talking right away with your family in Spanish. This means you’ll actually be using Spanish together as you’re out on a walk!

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Going on a neighborhood walk isn’t just a walk around the block if you have kids! You have to get them out the door with shoes on while combatting any complaining, field questions about taking scooters, the stroller, the dog, and bikes… wait, don’t forget the helmets! Give instructions to turn, wait for your brother, and stay out of the road. Watch for cars coming out of driveways, hold hands, cross streets safely, take your child out of the stroller or wagon and put them back in ten seconds later all while avoiding stepping in poop and hearing maybe more complaining as everyone gets tired, like “Are we there yet?” Oh, and be sure not to leave your shoes out once we all get back home!

It’s a lot. But going on a walk is totally worth it. And transforming your neighborhood walk into Spanish is totally worth it too! With how much talking you’re doing and how often you go on walks, you can use the entire experience to add even more Spanish to your day, which will increase your fluency! Plus, because your child really wants to take their bike, you know they’ll use their Spanish to have fun! Because walks are supposed to be fun, right?

Printable Sneak Peek

Phrase charts

  • This phrase guide has more packed on it than most foreign language phrasebooks! Plus, it’s super focused on the phrases you actually use as a family when you’re going on walks!
  • There are 12 Sections on this guide to take you from getting ready for the walk all the way to getting back safely. And what happens in between? All. The. Things!
  • Section 1: Let’s Go on a Walk
    From asking if your family wants to go on a walk, to making it sound like it will be nice, to getting on everyone’s shoes, this section will get the ball rolling on your neighborhood walk.
  • Section 2: Negotiations
    Time to go on a walk? Queue the complaining with phrases like, “I don’t want to go on a walk.” You and your children will be able to negotiate favorable terms of going on a walk, like, “You can ride your bike,” or “You can’t watch TV later if you don’t go on a walk,” with these phrases and, hopefully, make it out the door.
  • Section 3: For Little Kids
    If you have little ones, this section will help you get your child in the stroller, wagon, or on your shoulders without chocking you.
  • Section 4: For Older Kids
    Get your older kids using a lot of Spanish by helping them ask to take their bike, skateboard, rollerblades, or dog! Plus, don’t forget the helmets if you need them!
  • Section 5: Walking
    Whether you’re making up the route as you go or you’re guiding everyone along, these phrases will help you move forward or wait for your one child that stops and looks at everything.
  • Section 6: Safety
    You’ll find yourself using these phrases a lot to stay on the sidewalk, hold hands, and stay close.
  • Section 7: Crossing the Street
    From planning on where to cross the street, using a crosswalk, and watching out for cars, motorcycles, ambulances, and firetrucks, these phrases are a useful addition. Plus, you’ll be able to yell in Spanish as hurry across the sidewalk, announcing how many seconds you have left. Or should we just wait for the next light? This section has all of it.
  • Section 8: Transitions
    If only they stayed on the bike they decided to take or didn’t get in and out of the stroller… Well, lucky you, you’ll be able to use more Spanish as you take breaks and transition from being carried to taking ten steps to being carried again.
  • Section 9: Not Getting Messy
    Messes can be fun, but if you want to avoid puddles, mud or, even more so, poop, these are some great phrases. Plus, if you smell it on someone’s shoes, you’ll be able to clean it off in Spanish.
  • Section 10: Enjoying Yourself
    Yay! For those tiny moments where the walk just feels so good, we’ve got you covered! Because you know what, it IS a nice day to take a walk!
  • Section 11: Complaining
    Oh, yes. Back to this again. “My legs hurt,” “This is too hard,” “My feet are freezing,” “My sock is bothering me.” We’ve heard them all… but have your kids whined them in Spanish? Let’s totally go there.
  • Section 12: Ending the Walk
    Hallelujah! “Are we there yet?” has turned into “We’re almost there,” and now, “We’re home.” But the fun isn’t over yet. We need to put away the things we took, including helmets, and give the dog some water if he came along. These phrases will have you ending your walk in Spanish.

Native Speaker Audio in the App

  • For everything you’ll find in this printable, you’ll have native speaker audio that you can practice with, which means you’ll be able to sound more and more like a native speaker every time you work through your phrases.
  • Quickly access all the audio in the TalkBox.Mom companion app, so you’ll spend more time talking in Spanish as a family and less time doing busy work or, worse, learning pronunciation incorrectly.

What happens after you purchase?

  • If you have the prerequisite Spanish: The Actions, Rooms & Games Box, you'll receive access to the native speaker audio in the TalkBox.Mom Companion App. You'll also receive an email with the digital PDF for you to print.
  • To print the digital download, we recommend printing the guide on cardstock front to back. The video below shows you how to download your PDF and print single- or double-sided.
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Who is this right for?

  • Families who have completed Spanish: The Actions, Rooms & Games Box
  • Families that like to go on walks through their neighborhood
  • Families that are okay with printing out a PDF

Who is this wrong for?

  • Families who haven’t completed Spanish: The Actions, Rooms & Games Box
  • Families that don’t like to go on walks through their neighborhood
  • Families that do not or cannot print a digital product.


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What is your refund policy?

Because this is a digital product that is delivered instantly, there are no refunds. For this reason, we show you in great detail what’s inside, so you can make the best decision for your family before you purchase.

What if I don't have the prerequisite Spanish: The Actions, Rooms & Games Box?

To be able to access this item, you must have Spanish: The Actions, Rooms & Games Box in your account. After you checkout, our system checks that you have this box. If you don’t, you will not get instant access and your item will be refunded. (After we move out of Beta mode, our program will alert you before purchasing and not allow you to purchase without the prerequisite.

How long will I be able to use this guide for?

Your immediate family in your household has lifetime access. So you can revisit this activity again and again. It’s equivalent to one challenge in our later boxes, so it will take you 3 – 6 weeks to complete if you’ve finished box 2 or 1 – 4 weeks to complete if you’ve finished box 9. The more familiar your family is with Spanish, the faster you can work through it.

Do I have to purchase Spanish: Neighborhood Walks?

What? No. You can purchase whatever you want to purchase. If you want to increase your ability to speak outside on walks, get this guide. If you don’t, skip it. You’re in charge of how much Spanish you add to your life.

I don’t have a printer. Can I send it to Office Depot to be printed?

Of course! We recommend having it printed in color and double-sided on cardstock, so you can use it longer.

Can I share this with my friend?

It’s against the licensing terms you agree to when you purchase to share the PDF, companion app, or prints with your friends, extended family, frenemies, students, or co-op. See our terms below for more details.

Can I use this with my students or co-op?

This item may not be printed per student in a co-op or classroom setting. The license is only for your immediate family in your household.

Is this made by native Spanish speakers?

Yes, our translators, editors, and voice artists are all native speakers from Mexico.

How do I download and print out the PDF double-sided?

If you need any help downloading and/or printing your printable, click here to see a video tutorial.

We recommend printing pages 13-68 double-sided. And pages 1-12 and 69-80 single-sided.

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I love this! There are so many new and useful phrases. I learned some new vocabulary, as well as new expressions using familiar vocabulary. I love when I memorize a new phrase, and then have a chance to use it. Today, when we went on a walk, “Ya pasó,” just popped out after a car passed by. I just learned that phrase yesterday. So fun. I love things like this that are just packed with phrases. It helps me so much!

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