Charter Schools

We are happy to accommodate our Charter School families. Although our monthly and bi-monthly programs help you stay consistent, it’s not always possible to order monthly products through a charter. So we made it possible for you to order! Here you’ll find:

  • Where you should start to reach your language goals
  • How to fill our your purchase order for your TalkBoxes and book
  • Which charter schools have approved TalkBox.Mom as a vendor

Where should you start?

Use Spanish at Home - Instant Audio Download

Language Books – $35

Our books will start you off with some great phrases to use throughout your day, using more Spanish than most do after two years of Spanish.

It includes native speaker audio and free shipping.


Want to stay consistent and become conversational or fluent?

Our monthly or bi-monthly TalkBoxes integrate with your life, so you can learn while life happens.

There are 18 boxes total, allowing your family to talk throughout all aspects of your day.

The boxes are delivered over time to hold you accountable and keep you consistent.

Save $145 by ordering the entire program. 30-day money back guarantee on the other 17 boxes if it’s just not for you!


For the Books

Write the title of the Book and SKU, which can be found on the product page. The cost is $35. This includes the digital audio. Shipping is always free.

Use Spanish at Home, S101 – $35

For the TalkBoxes

Order your boxes for the semester or year.

For example (just specify your language):

10 Monthly TalkBoxes (Sep – June, Boxes 1-10) – $80 per box, $800 (+ $25 book)

5 Bi-Monthly TalkBoxes (Oct – June, Boxes 1-5) – $80 per box, $450 (+ $25 book)

Want to use TalkBox as a 2 year program?

Year 1: 9 Monthly TalkBoxes (Sep-May, Boxes 1 – 9) $720 (+ $25 book)

Year 2: 9 Monthly TalkBoxes (Sep-May, Boxes 10 – 18) $720

Yes, some families do two languages with Bi-monthly boxes, alternating months for each language delivery.

The Entire TalkBox Program

Purchase the entire program for $1295, includes a free book, saving you $145. Delivered monthly or bi-monthly to keep you consistent.

Monthly TalkBoxes with free book – $1295

Bi-Monthly TalkBoxes with free book – $1295

Want to split the payment up across children? We got you! That’s just fine.

Please note, there are no returns nor refunds on purchase orders.

What if monthly is too fast or bi-monthly is too slow? You can always switch. You get an email to let you know your next box is being packed. You can let us know to delay your delivery or to move deliveries to be monthly. We want you to master each box and stay consistent to reach your goals.



TalkBox.Mom is an approved vendor with

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insprie charter school

Don’t see your school?

Request TalkBox.Mom to your charter!

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