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30 Dec: Brazilian Portuguese Phrase of the Day! You are so smart.

Do your kids have a hard time not comparing themselves to each other? It can be hard for my boys to do school together. They are close in age, but Nolan picks up math lightening fast even though he’s younger. If Darian was with other kids his age, he’d see he’s not behind in math. But with a 7 year old beating him at division, it can be hard to see that. I tell Darian all the time that every person has different strengths, but he can still get frustrated. I use this phrase, “You are so smart,” to let him know that he IS smart even though it’s hard for him to see that at times. What’s something that your child is really good at? Darian’s would be talking and negotiating.

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24 Oct: Brazilian Portuguese Phrase of the Day! Did you have a nice nap?

“Did you have a nice nap?” is a question that goes both ways! Of course you can use this with your little one after they wake up. But also, are you a parent who naps? Both Hector and I love to get a nap in when we can (which isn’t often!). The boys know that if they wake me up from a nap, their electronics time is over. So they’ve learned to be extra quiet when I am sleeping, so they can have extra movie or video game time!

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27 Jul: Brazilian Portuguese Phrase of the Day! Stay where I can see you.

Work hard, play harder. That’s my motto! We are well into summer, and after this completely abnormal school year, I am thankful to be playing hard with the kids. This week is dedicated to having fun at the park! I love to have fun as long as the kids are safe… because they do some pretty crazy stuff. We’re starting this week off with one of the first things I say when we arrive at the park, “Stay where I can see you.”

7.6 plug in my cell phone

06 Jun: Brazilian Portuguese Phrase of the Day! Would you please plug in my cell phone?

Have you or your teen ever been in this situation? You finally have a minute to sit down on the couch after a hectic day, only to realize your phone battery is almost dead. And instead of getting back up, you just ask whoever is closest to you, “Would you please plug in my cell phone?” Oh, that tiny bit of help we all just need in our lives.For me, of course, it’s usually almost dead because my kids have been using my phone to play games on it. Tech geniuses can send people into space but can’t seem to figure out how to make my cell phone battery last longer than a kid playing Crossy Road! Why is that?

4.6 I can't find the diaper bag

30 May: Brazilian Portuguese Phrase of the Day! I can’t find the diaper bag.

Which baby bag do you recommend? Did you find one you really liked? I love a bag that is super light weight… a back pack… and black, so I totally love the Ryla bag. But my husband is all about the most practical bag that arrives in two days from Amazon. Anything more than $25 is silly to him.But no matter which bag you have, you’ll end up looking all over for it, saying “I can’t find the diaper bag,” because you’re just really tired! I think this phrase is perfect for ending our week of forgetful mom phrases, because if you have a baby bag, that’s probably the most forgetful you’ll be as a mom, right?!