TalkBox.Mom Box List

What order do the boxes go in?

What order do the boxes go in?

The TalkBox.Mom Program has a total of nine core boxes that go in a specific order. 

How many boxes does the language I’m learning currently have?

Why do the boxes go in a specific order?

Each box (1) increases the areas where you can use the language, (2) builds on each other to lay foundation skills for fluency that are results-driven, and (3) adds more phrases as your family is able to process and retain more based on the foundational phrases you’ve acquired and are now using. As you get near the end, there isn’t very much English on any of your guides—like little to none, but you’ve got it!

We’re not simply giving you phrases about each situation. We’re helping you focus on what’s important, develop many necessary skills that build on each other, and push you to do a little more than you think you can handle.

The patterns and sentence structures that you use with your family are not only actionable but are creating a faster path to fluency. You’ll find your family mixing and matching phrases like native speakers because of the structure we provide in our boxes. As you move through the program, you’ll find that you’re learning much more than meets the eye, especially when it comes to grammar.

For example, in the Spanish: The Snacks & Kitchen Box, your family is already properly using Spanish while also gaining a grammatical ear for properly using the gender agreement of nominal adjectives, conjugating “-er” verbs in the present tense, conjugating “-ar” verbs in the past tense, singular vs. plural nouns, gender agreement of indefinite articles, gender agreement of adjectives, indefinite vs. definite articles, gender agreement of direct objects, affirmative commands for one and two or more people, director objects in imperative affirmative commands, and so much more.

Can I do the boxes out of order?

If you order all nine boxes and then send a request to support to ship all nine boxes at once. Then you can do whatever order you would like. But we definitely don’t recommend going out of order if you have all nine because your family will lack the foundational phrases, ear for specific grammatical patterns we’re taking even further in each box, and skills necessary for fluency, which each box builds on each other to create. (see above) We’re a full immersion program, and we know you’ll be successful if you follow the TalkBox.Mom Proven Process. Outside of that though… 

But my child is so advanced!

If you’re thinking that you want to skip ahead on boxes because your child is at an intermediate or advanced level in the language, please note that TalkBox.Mom starts with fluency, which is perfect for beginners to advanced learners of all ages. Fluency does not go beginning, intermediate, or advanced, so you’ll need to ask yourself an important question to gauge where your child is at:

Does your child accurately and easily speak and understand the language every single day without translating in their head, without having to use a “grammar rule check” in their head, and without pre-planning how to say things?

If your child knows a lot of grammar, reading, and writing, but cannot speak fluently, you need to start at the beginning of our program and build that foundation. We have a lot of parents with Bachelor’s degrees in a language that go through our program with their child, and they constantly comment that they’ve learned more in the first couple of boxes than in their degree. Yes, big price difference!

Why does that happen to people who have studied a language for years? Because our program is built on fluency—not beginning, intermediate, advanced.

If your child is accurately and easily speaking and understanding the language every single day as described above, you do not need us. Do your school IN that language without using any second language books—just the textbooks and programs from a country where that language is spoken.

If you’re not using the language every single day, we can help you build that consistency. Yes, many native speakers use our program for this.

If you don’t feel prepared to teach your child IN that language, we can help you to build your own fluency to where you can start teaching your child or homeschooling in that language if you choose to do so.

The Snacks & Kitchen Box

Fluency Approach:

The Snacks & Kitchen Box is designed to help you master the TalkBox.Mom Proven Process and become consistent using the language. That’s why it’s perfect if you already know everything in the box but aren’t consistent in the language or if you’re brand new to the language!

The Actions, Rooms & Games Box

The Hygiene Box

The Drinks & Dining Box

The Bathroom Box

The Playground & Small Talk Box

The Clothing & Weather Box

The Chores & Cleaning Box

The Arts & Crafts Box