Want your family to consistently learn a language? Do this.

Want your family to consistently learn a language? Do this.

Now that January is coming to an end and sick kids, errands, and chaos might have started to cover any distant memory of a New Year’s resolution, I want to share 5 quick tips with you to help you stay consistent learning a foreign language with your family despite all the craziness.

Because if you just make time for 10 minutes a day to work on phrases, by the end of the year, your family will be using SO much of the language throughout your day. It’s a bit mind-blowing how all these little things add up quickly when done consistently.

And we’re in the game of blowing minds with our language skills, so I don’t want schedule changes, runny noses, or a barbie shoe up someone’s nose to throw you off track.


This tip isn’t delicious like hiding in a pantry to eat brownies without the kids asking you to share, but it will make you significantly more likely to reach your goal.

So much so that we focused on creating vision boards with our goals in the private Facebook group for TalkBox.Mom families this month. Samantha’s family made this cool board:

It was super fun! Samantha and some of our other TalkBox.Mom families won a board that is half pin board half whiteboard from us, so they can put their vision board right on it. 

What I learned most from doing this activity was that one of my kids didn’t know why he was learning a specific language. He was just along for the ride. Focusing on each child to find out what their own individual motivation is helped us so much. This could be a game-changer in your home.

If you don’t have time to make it fun, just take a second to write it down.

“Our whole family speaking [language name] together every single day.”

Writing it down is awesome… if you have a pen handy. But if anything, text it to our partner or yourself.

And then talk to your kids about why this goal is important to them. Or help them brainstorm ways, so they can find their own motivation.


Make a goal to practice the language during a regular routine. One that you do already.

For example, if you sit at the table during breakfast, you could add in 10 minutes there where you choose phrases to work on and practice with the native speaker audio.

Or if you brush your kids’ teeth each night, you can add in 10 minutes during your bedtime routine to practice with the native speaker audio.

This way, you know if you are going to save your child’s teeth from cavities, you’re also going to work on the foreign language you want to talk in as a family.


If your whole family wants to talk in a foreign language together, you don’t have to be the only one pushing everyone to the finish line.

Instead, set it up, so your kids drag you over the finish line.

Like, if my boys have to lead us in a Spanish session before we can play video games, my boys won’t let me rest until we have done Spanish.

If you have a chore chart, you can put a different person in charge each day.

What are ways you can set up your practice time, so your kids are pulling you past your goal?


Set your phone for an alarm in the afternoon or evening when you’re with your family.

Name the alarm, “Quick, use a phrase!”

When the alarm goes off, have each person practice using a phrase that you’re trying to learn.

This is really fun as everyone (or as many people as want to participate) rush to use one of the phrases.

You can even let your kids choose the alarm sound to include them more in it. Well, as long as your kids won’t be super annoying. 🙂


Studies show that accountability partners work. For me, it’s about showing up to say that I made an effort and asking for help when I need it.

Choosing a friend to check in with each day can be super helpful.

In the private Facebook group for TalkBox.Mom Families, we do a daily accountability challenge that ends with a weekly winner. I really love being a part of this group because when I see other families checking in, it also reminds and motivates me!

We still have 11 months this year to do a tiny bit each day to make a big difference.

Let me know in the comments below!



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P.S. If you haven’t started using phrases with your family, click here to get our free starter pack that includes the ball challenge, car phrases, and mini snack chart with native speaker audio and printables. You’ll start talking with your family right away!

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