Think you can’t teach your child a foreign language? Think again.

Have you seen this boy having the biggest crisis of his life while his mom is laughing?!

Yes, watch it to the end, and show your kids. It’s so good.

This is seriously any person who is freaking out, telling me that they can’t learn a language, and I’m like, “Girl! You are speaking to me right now in English! You did it already!”

Of course you can learn a language!

Or the mom who tells me that she isn’t sure if she can help her kids speak a foreign language. And then I ask her kids, “Who taught you English?”

And they blink. And then turn their heads towards their mom, and say, “My mom.”

You are enough.

All the skills you need to do this are inside of you.

You can learn a language by listening and talking. 

You have used these skills before, and you successfully learned a language.

You also successfully taught a language.

You taught the language in the moment as life happened. It might have happened so effortlessly that you didn’t realize the impact you were having just by talking as you cared for your family.

The real struggle comes when you think you need to STOP doing what was successful the first time and do it a different way.

Maybe, you think it needs to be HARD and CONFUSING when you start.

Maybe, you think there needs to be a STRUGGLE and TEARS.

Or you think that only CERTAIN people succeed.

All lies.

Talking in a foreign language should be simple and fun.

You should learn a foreign language the same way you learned your first.

Because it works!

Think about it, moms and dads are the most successful language teachers in the world. We teach babies and toddlers all over the world to talk at a NATIVE level before they ever learn grammar!

We do that.

This week one of our French families decided to stop buying their expensive French lessons (they were thrilled) and focus on their TalkBox.Mom subscription boxes because all of the other families couldn’t believe how much progress their family is making. And, of course, spending less money and getting way better results is the best!

But it’s because they’re focusing on learning a language the same way they learned their first. Because of this, they’re going to continue to blow minds.

And you should dig in this year and do it too!

Blow all the minds. 😉

Because you are more than enough to be successful.

You were born to be successful!

Like, literally your brain was born to learn a language.

If you want to get your toes wet and see how successful you can really be, we have a free challenge where you and your kids will be talking in and understanding a foreign language. Best part? It only takes seven minutes.

Choose your language here to get started.



P.S. Start the free challenge here to hear your family talking in and understanding a foreign language!

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