It Matters HOW We Teach

Want to have a language explosion in your home?

On Thursday’s private FB live training for TalkBox.Mom customers, I shared 8 simple things you can do in your home to help your family successfully speak a foreign language.

And guess what?! You already taught your child their first language, so I know that when you do these 8 simple things, you’re going to increase the amount of language spoken in your home and see a massive language explosion! Yay!

Here’s a quick recap of each one!

  1. CELEBRATE 🎂 (5:30) Picture when your baby says their first words. You are SO excited! Facebook-status-update-with-a-video level of happiness. That’s how I want you to treat your kids when they’re talking in a foreign language.
  2. MODEL BACK 💬 (7:00) If your child says something wrong or mispronounces a word or phrase, it’s more helpful to model back how it sounds. Say it again or play it back on the app for them.
  3. GIVE EVERYONE TIME ⏰ (10:35) Don’t expect everything to be perfect in the beginning. Be kind to yourself. Scientifically, it takes a couple of weeks to a couple of months to hear all the sounds in a new language. So give everyone time!
  4. EXPECT SUCCESS 💡 (14:25) Expect your child to be successful! Know that you and your child can do this! After all, you expected your child to learn English without wondering if they were “good enough” or “had what it takes” to get it down.
  5. USE FULL SENTENCES 🗣 (19:15) Listen to full sentences, and use full sentences as learn to talk in a foreign language.
  6. IN THE MOMENT 📅 (19:39) Use phrases as life happens, making them a part of your day and life. When you hear the full phrases and put yourselves in the situation you make a connection. Play pretend if you need to practice situations where you would use your phrases!
  7. TRAIN YOUR EAR 🎧 (22:45) Before jumping into grammar, train your ear to know what sounds right by using full sentences.
  8. BE PLAYFUL 😄 (27:40) Don’t cut to the chase with the goal, be playful! Some ideas: Use your silly voices for phrases, pretend with one another, or challenge your family in a fun competition!

Doing all these things is going to increase the amount of language spoken in your home. You’ll also help your children not worry about making mistakes and instead, help them move forward talking in a foreign language every day. And if you’re hard on yourself, this will also help you as well.

Watch this week’s FB live now!

Once you’ve watched it, we’d love for you to relate your #hotshot check-ins this week to one of the 8 points! Highlight how you incorporated one of the 8 points with your family in your post.

Want a cute visual reminder? Download the free printable summarizing these 8 points.


Mark your calendar because FB Live trainings for TalkBox.Mom customers are on Thursdays at 3 pm CT.


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  • Joy 🎉 We are sending you this super cute BEST TEACHER EVER bag!

Thank you so much for letting us help your family use a foreign language every single day!!



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