How do I use the tracker sheets that come in my box?

In your box, you received two super fun tracker sheets— one large and one small. Here’s how to use them, along with some ways TalkBox.Mom families use their tracker sheets!

For the Large Daily Tracker

⭐Fill in your Challenge name, start date, and end date. If you’re not sure about your pace, that’s okay! You can leave dates blank if you want to keep things low pressure. You can also include these dates in your check-in in the Accountability Community on the page for your current challenge.

⭐Starting with Challenge 1, color an emoji with a dry erase marker for each day you use the phrase(s) in your challenge that week! Try to reach 5-7 days for each challenge!

⭐At the end of the week, clear your emoji chart and start again!

⭐Listen to the native speaker audio for 15-60 minutes a day. This is not in one sitting! 😅 Time will add up as you listen to the audio to practice a phrase the first time, then again (as needed) while practicing the phrase in situations and with emotions, and finally when using the phrase until your next practice session. To learn more about this, check out this training on how to do a practice session!

⭐Listening to the audio daily while using a phrase will improve your listening, pronunciation, and memorization. You can listen to the audio for a phrase even after checking it off. Do it as long and as often as needed until you feel confident with the phrase!

⭐Keep an ongoing record of the number of days you have listened to the audio in the circle!

Melanie and her family are working on Japanese! In this image, they have kept a running total of 7 days listening to audio and marked all the days of the week they used their Snack Time phrases throughout the day!

Danielle says, “I have three sons, so I gave them each a row and let them color in a face for each day they use Spanish outside of class time. Last week they each received an extra piece of candy per face filled in (which got my teen’s attention who had only bothered one time that week).”

Beth’s family has been casually using their tracker. The kids got excited about decorating the faces using wet erase markers and are planning what they want to draw when it is their turn again.

For the Weekly Tracker:

First, Use a dry erase marker to record how many phrases you mastered in a day.

What is mastering a phrase? Mastering a phrase means you are using this phrase easily in your home! How many phrases did your family use easily in a day? Record that number in the circle!

Second, in the Daily Goal, choose a number of phrases your family hopes to daily master and write that number on the Daily Goal line. Aim for 1-5 phrases!

We’d love to see how you use your tracker sheets. Take a picture and send it to You might be featured in the Accountability Community newsletter to inspire other TalkBox.Mom families!

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  1. This post is really helpful. We didn’t start using the trackers at first (not sure why) and then I wasn’t sure how to use them. These pictures and explanations are fab and have got me inspired to use ours in our own way. Thanks 🙏🏼