Hey High School Mama!

All the details for using TalkBox.Mom for high school are here!

Do you want your highschooler to say they did well on a test… or actually be able to talk in a foreign language? 

When your highschooler is in a job interview later in life, will they say they took two years of Spanish…or will they be able to talk to the interviewer in Spanish?

Or when a community or family member speaks to your high schooler in the language they learned, will your child scramble to reply… or will the words just fall right out of their mouth because they used TalkBox.Mom for their high school foreign language?

Our mission at TalkBox.Mom is life-changing results. We’re for families that want to spend two years changing their child’s future opportunities forever.

It’s not just about fulfilling high school requirements to graduate. (Although it totally could!)

And because now is the time for your child to develop a skill that will change their life, with TalkBox.Mom, you know your child will be successful and take that skill with them when they leave your home. 🥳

So if you’ve been wondering how your high schooler can use TalkBox.Mom for high school or now you’re super curious, I lay out all the details here for you!

From credits, to lesson structure, to customizing the experience based on your child’s learning needs and goals, to using the program in a one-room schoolhouse, and to even keeping a written record… it’s all there.

And most importantly, I show you how to actually talk in a foreign language with your high schooler every single day—far beyond taking a test and checking a box. 

If this sounds like exactly what you’re looking for, you know, real results, TalkBox.Mom is totally a must for your family this school year. 💪👏🥳

[Yes! Totally forward this email to all of your friends who have high schoolers too!]

And please let me know if you have any more questions after reading the details here. Our whole team is happy to help you out!

Plus, we’ll be here for you throughout your whole high school experience if you’re team life-changing-results.



Creator of TalkBox.Mom

P.S. Don’t forget to read the high school details here!

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