Can I use TalkBox.Mom with my newborn?

A very good friend of mine, who was nine months pregnant and HUGE, once had to climb into a ball pit to retrieve her two-year-old. Yet, she came out of the play structure without him! People were looking at her funny, so she laughed, grabbed her belly and said, “Just showing this baby that I already care about it!” This story is so funny because that was just too much for her.

A lot of people ask, “Can I use TalkBox.Mom with my newborn, or is it too much? Am I being silly?” No! TalkBox.Mom is made for anybody talking to their child.

Talking to Your Baby

Speech therapists all over the world agree that you need to talk to your newborn baby as much as possible, in full sentences. You should also talk in front of the baby as you go about your day, describing what you’re doing and what the baby is doing. These things are all built into the TalkBox.Mom program.

Foreign Language for All Ages

TalkBox.Mom includes phrases for children of all ages. The program is not designed for you to use all at once, but for you to focus on phrases that are important for your family at each stage in your life. When you start your first book and box, go through it and find things that would be helpful for your baby, for you and your significant other, or for other family members who might be helping out. You can use all that time while you’re giving your baby a bottle or endlessly breastfeeding to practice the phrases and remember them, getting comfortable with the language.

Specific Baby Phrases

There are baby phrases scattered throughout our boxes. For example, Box Four includes our breastfeeding and bottles guide. Box Three includes our changing diapers guide. We made sure to include how to dress a baby in a onesie in The Clothing and Weather Box. You use some phrases from the boxes right away and then hold on to others for later. The great news is that when you buy the TalkBox.Mom program, you have access for you and your family for a lifetime so you’ll be able to add new phrases to use as your kids grow.

Science of Foreign Language

Using TalkBox.Mom with your baby is a wonderful opportunity! Kids four and under are able to hear all the new sounds in another language. After age four, this ability starts to shut down. As you practice, your young children will get better and better at the language while your ability to hear the sounds opens up again.

I want you to have fun talking in a foreign language with your baby. This is a great opportunity to bond with your child and also put your mind to work while you’re changing diapers (again and again) and feeding the baby (again and again). It was such a lifesaver for me to be able to keep my brain in the game through all of that!

If you’d like to start your foreign language journey right away with your baby, grab your free starter pack! Go to

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