Total Success Guidebook

While an overnight success is a fairy tale, I do believe in hitting the ground running when it comes to talking in another language with your family. This guidebook will help your family to start talking right away and reach the highest highs of your language journey, but it will also be here to help you when you feel stuck or like giving up.

Success isn’t a straight path up a mountain, and I get that. I get you. I got you. I’m here for you. At TalkBox.Mom, our goal is to help you connect with your family as you build this life skill that will change every family member’s life—forever.

Here’s to your success!

All about the Approach

The Path Towards Fluency

Ready to pass up years of trying to learn a language? And actually start talking?! 🤯 After this training, you’ll know exactly how to focus your time to build fluency—so you’re not left wasting time on activities that won’t help your family to talk.

  • 14 m 13s

It Matters How We Teach

If you don’t create a learning environment where your family thrives, no one will want to show up… willingly. 😱 After this training, you’ll know how to create a language learning environment that strengthens your family and makes everyone feel confident.

  • 13 m 25 s

Practice Sessions

Phrase Practice Session

Your goal as a family is to complete as many phrase practice sessions as possible before it’s time to move on to your next challenge or box. 💪 After this training, you’ll know exactly how to connect with your unique family to practice your phrases while having fun.

  • 10 m

When to Check Off a Phrase

Keeping a phrase a focus phrase for four or five practice sessions is excessive! 😬 After this training, you’ll know when your family should check off a phrase and you’ll start making faster progress without feeling like a drill team.

  • 03 m 09 s

How Much Time to Spend per Challenge

When it comes to completing a challenge the first time through, it’s NOT about learning every single phrase or about how many phrases you’ve completed in total. 🐌🐇 After this training, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief, know exactly when to move, and totally see the value in moving on before you learn everything.

  • 09 m 05 s

Go Deeper

Choosing Focus Phrases

  • 12 m 44 s

Practicing Phrases with the Audio

  • 19 m 38 s

Practicing Phrases in Situations


Practicing Phrases with Emotions


Using Phrases as Life Happens


Balancing Two Second Languages

  • 05 m


Reviewing Previous Focus Phrases in your Current Challenge

As you work through new focus phrases, you want to keep your previous focus phrases top of mind. 🧠 After this training, you’ll know how to review phrases in your current challenge quickly and on a consistent schedule that works for your family.

  • 03 m 24 s

Reviewing Previous Focus Phrases from a Completed Challenge

Once you move on from a challenge, you don’t want to say, “Au revoir,” to all the phrases you focused on! 👋 After this training, you’ll know how to keep previous focus phrases from a completed challenge top of mind and empower your family to keep using them without adding more practice time to your schedule.

  • 03 m 24 s

Going Back Through a Completed Challenge

The first time you complete a challenge, you don’t focus on every single phrase. So when do you get to the rest of those phrases? 🤔 After this training, you’ll know exactly when and how to go back through a completed challenge.

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