Getting Started

Quick Start Guide (5 Min)

  • Grab our checklist for easily and successfully getting started with your first box and moving on to your next.

We Expect You to:

  1. Download the TalkBox.Mom Companion App.
  2. Log in to the app. You can reset your password in the app with the email address you used to purchase the program.
  3. Follow the TalkBox.Mom Process with your guides and the companion app.

As seen in the video above, the TalkBox.Mom Proven Process is totally doable because TalkBox.Mom has streamlined everything for you, so you can skip ALL the busy work and focus on what will have your family talking!


  1. To start talking from day one with your family.
  2. To have all the busy work done for you and have access to all the tools you need, so you can enjoy the best part: talking with your family every day in this language.
  3. To continue to move forward in the language while moving forward in your boxes.

If you show up, we’ll meet all of your expectations and more.


  1. Join the TalkBox.Mom Accountability Group on Facebook.- Join for Accountability: In the group, you can check in each day with what you worked on in the TalkBox.Mom Program. Each week, one post is randomly chosen to win a cute prize that we ship to your door!
    – Join for Trainings (also available in the app): Every single week (except from Thanksgiving to New Years’), Adelaide does a weekly live training in the group to help you and your family. You can catch the replays in the TalkBox.Mom Companion App as well!
  2. Use the TalkBox.Mom Phrase Planner! The phrase planner will help you take your phrases each day through the TalkBox.Mom process while including your kids in the journey and while staying focused on what is actually important.


To recap, after downloading and logging into the TalkBox.Mom Companion App, you will want to work through your first challenge in the following way:

  • First, you need to pick a phrase from your guide that you want to start using in the second language. We highly recommend choosing between 1-5 phrases to work on per day, especially when you are starting, well, if you want to learn quickly and make lots of traction!
  • After picking your phrase, let your family know which phrase you’ll be doing, or, better yet, let them choose the phrases you could use that day with you.
  • Heart the 1-5 phrases in the TalkBox.Mom Companion App, so they appear on the “Learning” section of your home screen. This way, you’ll be able to access them quickly for the next two steps.
  • You’ll want your guide up where you can see it, so you can successfully complete the rest of the steps. (Putting it in a binder won’t do that.)
  • Practice with the native speaker audio in the app by (1) saying first what the phrase means in English, (2) playing the phrase while your family repeats, and (3) asking your family what that phrase meant. If necessary, repeat that same phrase before going on to the next step.
  • Do NOT play the audio straight through while repeating. That’s not how we practice phrases because it won’t give you the results you want. Playing the audio straight through is for when you’re reviewing phrases you totally alreadly know and use.
  • After practicing that phrase by repeating with the app, then practice that same phrase in a situation you would use it in and/or practice saying it with emotion. (Yes, do this before you say the next phrase on your list.)
  • You can also practice a phrase with our different printable activities in a box.
  • Practicing phrases might take 3 minutes to 60 minutes, depending on how much you are practicing and if you are reviewing. You set your schedule for your goals, your kids’ ages, and if necessary their school requirements.
  • Use the phrase as often as you can until it is built into your life.
  • If you forget how to say the phrase, LOOK at your guide and LISTEN in the app until it starts feeling super easy.
  • If a family member doesn’t understand what you are saying, say it again in English and then in the second language. (We call this the ice cream sandwich.)
  • What if I don’t ask my kids if they are hungry or if they want food? You’re learning a language, so just like speech therapists recommend with a first language, talk as much as possible. Have your kids ask you what food you want and get it for you. Randomly ask your kids if they are hungry. Show up and do the work. You’ll have a lot of success.

If you have any questions, please email Our customer happiness team is standing by to help you out!

TalkBox.Mom is the only immersion program of its kind that helps your entire family to start talking the same day you start and guides you far down the path towards fluency to where the language is a part of your everyday life.