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Use Spanish at Home

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Includes 4 hours of audio (digital download)
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Your entire family can pass up years of “trying” to learn Spanish with Use Spanish at Home! From day one, you will actually be talking in Spanish with your family.

How It Works: Replace what you normally say with Spanish. Learn a language the most natural way possible: talking as life happens! This is the same way everyone learned their first language. (Try it out below.)

+ Over 1,750 phrases
+ 4 hours of native speaker audio that you practice with
+ Download audio to as many devices as you would like
+ Amazing value: same price as one hour of private instruction
+ See solid results right away and as you continue to use it

Use Spanish at Home is for beginners to forgetters and Spanish majors who never learned to talk to their kids. There are phrases for young children, older children, and parents.


How to: Learn a phrase you say all the time, need to say, or want to say. Then use it in your everyday life. You can, of course, explain what it means when you use it. Soon, everyone in your family will understand, and you'll be practicing every time you use the phrase.

Repeat after the native speaker as you read along!


Parents are the greatest, natural language teachers. We teach babies and toddlers all over the world to talk as we help, take care of, and play with them. And we are successful, too. Babies don’t just learn to speak—they learn to speak very well.

Before now, language classes and programs were set up for children to speak in school, for college students to meet university entrance exams, and for adults to speak in the workplace or as tourists. These classes and programs created a huge barrier for moms.

Do you know many moms who can consistently carve time out of their days to attend a class or listen to a program to learn things they have little opportunity to use at home? Nope. I don’t either. With TalkBox.Mom, parents can learn and teach a second language while taking care of and playing with their children, even when you’re on bathroom duty wiping bottoms.

(We seriously have a wall chart in one of our monthly TalkBoxes that goes above the toilet to help with all of that.)

The results are astounding not just for the moms, but for the kids, too. The whole family is learning while they do things, embedding language into their minds as they attach meaning and communicate with each other.

It is our goal that mothers and fathers with their children will become the fastest group to start talking in a second language or third or fourth. Whatever our hearts desire.

Use Spanish at Home Concept - Spanish for Kids

Use Spanish at Home TalkBox - Spanish for Kids

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10 reviews for Use Spanish at Home

Use Spanish at home has made learning language with my kids easy and fun! The phrases are all practical things I talk about with my daughter. I love the organization and marking off phrases we want to learn or ones we have mastered!

Thank you, Jaicy! I’m so happy you love marking off the phrases you’re learning with the cute hearts and check boxes!! And that you’re all having fun becoming a bilingual family!

I have been using this book with my three kids. It is so practical which is exactly what we needed. So glad I got it!

great book! easy to understand and use. if your a beginner like me it will definitely improve your everyday Spanish-language. my kids love using the phrases and making sentences. I definitely highly recommend it!

My wife and I are teaching our child to be bilingual and starting early. My family doesn’t speak Spanish but I got it for them for Christmas last year so they too could participate in helping my child learn Spanish.

This book is a must if you want to teach your kids a new language! Learn with phrases you’ll actually use. The audio is a wonderful addition and so helpful. My kids that can read even love to just read the book for fun!

This is definitely geared and written for mothers taking care of little ones but as a father, this book is very easy to pick up, flip to a phrase and just start talking. I like how practical the phrases all are. You can tell a lot of hard work and research was put into compiling these phrases.

As someone who has struggled to learn a second language since high school this book has been a breath of fresh air. It’s great how it has you learn practical Spanish that you would use in your home and around others. This book has been useful for me to finally get a grasp on learning a new language and I’m sure it will be for you as well.

This book is an amazing way to bring Spanish into your home. It moves past the basic words and introduces you to phrases that parents actually use with their kids! Sure it has the basics like “wash your hands” and “set the table,” but it moved into the realm of reality with phrases like “stop hitting your brother!”

This is an easy to use guidebook to actually begin using useful Spanish at home. For those with some Spanish already in their repertoire, this book helps introduce some more interesting and applicable vocabulary. For those with less experience using Spanish, this is an invaluable asset to start building your and your family’s language skills. We use this everyday with our daughter and I have no doubt that her Spanish skills will grow right along side her English skills thanks to this book!

Phenomenal book for anyone looking to learn basic everyday Spanish that is often ignored in other language learning books. I purchased a copy for myself to use with my nephews and niece, but also purchased copies for my Spanish speaking sister-in-law and a few other non-Spanish speaking friends who are mothers and they all LOVED it!

This book is perfect for us! We were speaking Spanish on the very first day!!! I made a recording of my kiddos and sent it to my husband to dazzle him with my awesome homeschool teaching skills in action. But honestly, it wasn’t me. It is this book. I saw Pam Barnhill do a review and she added buzzers to her morning time routine with this book and it looked really fun. Now, I’m not gonna lie. I have seen a lot of things on people’s websites that LOOK really fun that I purchase and my kids want no part of it. This is NOT one of those times. They love love love learning Spanish. And on our co-op day, I suggested we skip morning time and they agreed but still wanted to “at least do Spanish”. I am not kidding. They LOVE this!!!! I’m very very sure you will not regret getting this book. I also highly suggest getting book darts from Amazon to go with it. It makes it super easy to flip around to all the phrases you are working on. Especially if time is of the essence with the buzzers.

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