Ice Cream Scoops in a Foreign Language – Free Printable

Download the free printable and enjoy ice cream in a new language today!

    🍦 Unlock the Sweetest Language Learning Experience! 🍦

    Ever wished you could turn a simple family ice cream treat into a fun language-learning experience? For Pam Barnhill’s Morning Basket Families, we’ve got a fun treat for you!

    With TalkBox.Mom’s FREE downloadable PDF, transform your dessert time into a delicious language-learning adventure.

    Our interactive and easy-to-follow activity features 10 different ice cream flavors, all illustrated with cute illustrations that will be sure to engage your child. But that’s not all.

    This ice cream-themed PDF also guides you in:

    ㅤㅤ🍨 Asking for your favorite ice cream at home in a new language
    ㅤㅤ🍨 Ordering your scoop at the ice cream shop like a pro
    ㅤㅤ🍨 Putting the cherry on top with phrases for asking for your favorite toppings

    And don’t worry about struggling with pronunciation – every phrase comes with native speaker audio for you to follow along! 🎧

    This yummy guide is available in 11 different languages – Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese {Mandarin}, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Hebrew, Russian, and Romanian.

    Whether you’re a parent looking for unique and fun ways to introduce your child to a new language or a parent who wants your child to speak more of your native language, this ice cream-themed PDF is just the treat you need!

    Ready to make language learning as sweet as ice cream? 🍦
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