TalkBox.Mom Brand Ambassador

Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a TalkBox.Mom Brand Ambassador!

Brand Ambassadors are an integral part of our business, and we can’t wait to start working with you.


A brand ambassador is more than just getting an affiliate link. We are looking to partner over an extended time with TalkBox.Mom families as their share their language learning journey with their friends and family.

Alternatively, If you have a company who has an online presence with a podcast, YouTube Channel, Blog, social media accounts and would like to have Adelaide as a one-time guest on your media, please email Cate at to talk further!

The Brand Ambassador program is geared toward current TalkBox.Mom families who want to share their progress on their own social media outlets and earn a sales commission for every new customer sale that uses their special brand ambassador coupon or link. We are not accepting Brand Ambassadors who are not currently using TalkBox.Mom. We believe that the best referral comes from people seeing their friends enjoy success with the program!

Additional benefits of being a TalkBox.Mom Brand Ambassador includes advance access to new products,  a monthly small group online meetup with Adelaide + the TalkBox team and fun TalkBox swag!

If this sounds like a good time, read on below for the details.


STEP 1: Upon initial acceptance:

  • 1 post in your feed about TalkBox.Mom and tag @talkboxmom
  • 4 slides in stories about the program with a call to action to check out our program on www.TalkBox.Mom
  • Link in bio needs to be linked to @talkboxmom for the initial 24 hours of the announcement of your brand ambassador partnership.
  • If you’re established as a Brand Ambassador prior to the 15th of the month, you’ll also have to complete a set of monthly requirements in your first month. If you’re established as a Brand Ambassador after the 15th of the month, you’ll begin your monthly requirements on the next month.

STEP 2: Once a month

  • Post one static image with a caption talking about TalkBox.Mom and tag @talkboxmom
  • Commit 3 stories a month to TalkBox.Mom about how it is going using the program

Posts must remain active for at least a week.

You agree to tag, mention and/or link to TalkBox.Mom appropriately:

  • Commission Rate

Receive 10% on all initial new customer orders, including initial TalkBox.Mom subscription orders but not on subsequent subscription renewal orders in that subscription.

For example, if your friend uses your brand ambassador coupon code to get $20 off their first TalkBox & Phrasebook bundle for $95. You will earn a commission of $9.50 (10% x $95).
Or if your friend uses your brand ambassador coupon code to get $5 off a phrasebook for $30. You will earn a commission of $3 (10% x $30).
Or if your friend uses your brand ambassador coupon code to get $20 off a 9 TalkBox + Phrasebook bundle for $653. You will earn a commission of $65.30 (10% x $653).

Payments will be sent monthly via PayPal. Yay!

  • Cookie Duration

You will also receive a special link that will “cookie” the visitors that click through your link. The tracking cookie will last for 15 days.

You will receive commission on every purchase a new customer makes within 15 days of clicking on your link. Even if your friend doesn’t end up using your coupon. The only exceptions is if your friend ends using a different coupon from a live event (webinar, conference, etc.).

You will also receive commission on every purchase a new customer makes using any of your brand ambassador coupon codes.


  1. Read the full program terms below.
  2. Fill out the short form below to apply for the program! We’ll review your application within two business days. Be sure to become familiar with the terms and conditions listed on the application page before submitting your application.
  3. Get your brand ambassador link and coupons! After being approved, you’ll receive an email with your link and coupon codes.
  4. Share your link! Post your link on your blog, social media, website, etc, and start receiving commission for any new customer who makes a purchase through that link!

Please Note: We pay sales commissions through PayPal, so you’ll need to provide a PayPal email when you apply below. Commission payments will be paid out monthly.


Commission is paid only for new customers (not existing customers who use your link)

Payments are distributed through PayPal. Payments are made monthly.

There are a bunch of product shots and logos in the affiliate portal. Feel free to use any of them! If you have special requests for additional assets, simply reach out to, and we’ll get you taken care of.

Links may not be posted to coupon/deal sites, adult entertainment sites, or any site promoting/endorsing illegal activity. Other than that, post your link anywhere you’d like! Blogs, social media, your own websites, YouTube, etc.

In the TalkBox Refer a Friend Program any customer can share their referral coupon code to a friend. That lucky friend will get $15 off their first TalkBox + Book bundle and you would get a $15 TalkBox.Mom store credit. The store credit will be applied to any future purchases on TalkBox.Mom.

Brand Ambassador program, your ambassador coupon and link will earn you cash, not store credit. If you have any commission sales, you will receive a payment via PayPal on a monthly basis. And in addition to cash sales commission, you will get some sweet TalkBox swag (items will vary but can include cute notebooks, totes, pens, etc.) and a monthly small group online meetup with Adelaide + the TalkBox team (so fun!)

TalkBox.Mom Brand Ambassador Terms

To help us protect one-another’s best interests and to best work together going forward, we’ve put together these terms for our brand ambassador.

The terms must be agreed to before we work together.

By signing up for our brand ambassador program, you agree to these terms.

In summary, of the terms, we agree to offer commission on sales, TalkBox.Mom swag, and an exclusive monthly online meetup in exchange for a couple of social media posts to your target audience(s). We want ownership of the content you create about our brand (for stuff like sharing on social media, reviews / testimonials on our website and for use in our advertising).
Should you have any questions about these terms before registering to become a brand ambassador on our brand ambassador page, please email us at

TalkBox.Mom Brand Ambassador terms

You, the brand ambassador, represents the person or persons entering into this agreement with the ‘company’, represented by TalkBox.Mom.
TalkBox.Mom would like you (the brand ambassador) to help us promote our products on social media via your social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, etc.. By doing so, you become an ambassador of our company on a non-exclusive, non-employee basis to endorse and promote our products to your audience.


You agree to remain in contact with TalkBox.Mom, respond to emails in a timely manner, and address any concerns within 72 hours.


In exchange for your services, TalkBox.Mom agrees to pay you a commission of 10% of all new customer initial sales. You agree that we are not responsible for any costs you may incur while posting; such as resources, time, or equipment.
As requested by TalkBox.Mom, you agree to sign, complete and return a w-9 form and acknowledge that you are responsible for any applicable taxes regarding your compensation (applicable for when commissions reach over $600 per calendar year).


You, the brand ambassador, agree to initially deliver a minimum of one photo or video posts on your social media feed and a minimum of four slides in stories about TalkBox.Mom.
Also, a link in your social media profile bio to the TalkBox.Mom website for the initial 24 hours of announcement of being a brand ambassador.

Once A Month: You, the brand ambassador, agree to post one image or video talking about TalkBox.Mom and tag TalkBox.Mom.
Also, create 3 story slides a month about how it is going using the program.

Posts must remain active for at least a week.
You agree to tag, mention and/or link to TalkBox.Mom appropriately:
Instagram: @talkboxmom
Blog or Online post:

You are not required to talk about our products favorably – we encourage you to give your honest opinion and remain true to your voice/brand.


You agree to abide by all of the rules, laws and terms pertaining to each social media platform.
You agree to keep all posts associated with TalkBox.Mom in good taste and free of inappropriate language and/or any content promoting bigotry, racism or discrimination on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age.
You agree to include an FTC approved disclosure statement on any blog posts.


You agree that TalkBox.Mom shall own any content or posts of any kind in relationship to our brand or products.
In legal terms, TalkBox.Mom shall own, exclusively and in perpetuity, all rights of whatever kind and character, throughout the world and in any and all languages, in and to the videos, photographs, text and/or all works of similar nature produced, developed, or created for this agreement, and any and all intellectual property rights thereto, including trademarks, trade secrets, trade dress, design, mask work, copyrights, and patent rights (collectively, the “content”).


You agree that:
(i) TalkBox.Mom may monitor my social media accounts for compliance and reporting purposes;
(ii) TalkBox.Mom may use your name, likeness, and social profile links and/or handles in campaign-related correspondence and post-campaign case studies;
(iii) all information related to the services you provide or any information, materials or content are confidential information and you agree to protect and not disclose it to any third party;
(iv) TalkBox.Mom, owns and retains all rights to any information, materials or intellectual property owned by them;
(v) you will personally perform all services required;
(vi) all your content will be your original work and you will not infringe any third party’s rights when providing these services;
(vii) you grant TalkBox.Mom a perpetual, transferrable and royalty-free right and license to use any content you create in providing the services for any reasonable purpose;
(viii) no employment or similar relationship exists between you and TalkBox.Mom;
(ix) you agree to, defend, indemnify and hold harmless TalkBox.Mom, and their respective directors, officers, attorneys, agents, employees, service providers and assigns (collectively, “protected parties”) from and against all claims, liabilities, suits, losses, damages and expenses, including costs and reasonable attorney’s fees, relating to or resulting from (a) your breach of or failure to perform under this agreement, (b) any violation of applicable law or on any matter related to taxes or fees, or (c) any claims that your work violates any rights of any third party;
(x) in no event shall TalkBox.Mom nor any protected party be liable for any indirect, punitive, consequential or other similar damages hereunder and TalkBox.Mom and any protected party’s total cumulative liability under this agreement shall not exceed the fees paid to you hereunder.
(xi) you will not create or work for a company that directly competes with TalkBox.Mom during your partnership; i.e. any foreign language curriculum that uses products similar, but not limited to, phrasebooks, audio by native speakers, printables, etc. Failure to comply may result in your partnership being terminated.

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