What’s the Secret Ingredient to Talking in a Foreign Language?

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Courtney always wanted to speak French. 

It started when she was younger, and, now as a mom it was still something that she still really wanted to be able to do.

But… in college she had poured her heart out in her courses, spending hours and hours memorizing verb conjugations.

And when it came time to speak in French? Her confidence was super low, so…

…as an adult, she tried other programs, and still had the same problem. She put in a lot of work but still couldn’t talk.

Then her husband joined in to learn French with her. How romantic, right?!

Well, as it turns out, it was mostly them learning vocabulary words together while still lacking the confidence to speak.

But still, very romantic of him to join in!

And now with kids, after all this time of trying to speak French, Courtney still wasn’t there yet.

Why wasn’t French falling out of her mouth?

She had learned to conjugate verbs. 

She had learned tons of vocabulary.

And she definitely didn’t lack anything personally.

She had the drive. She was putting in the work. And she even had an element of love.

But she was missing the secret ingredient…


And not just any silly old phrase. Phrases that you can start using in your life right away.

Think about it. 

As babies, we hear our first language being used in the moment as life happens with full phrases.

Then our beautiful brains start mixing and matching those phrases to say things that are important to us.

And in fewer years than most people spend pouring over grammar and vocabulary,  like Courtney,  to learn a language, little children are able, children are able to talk at a native level all before going to grammar school. (You know, learning grammar and vocabulary.)

Even as an adult, your brain is still just as beautiful. And when your family uses full phrases in the moment as life happens, it creates an immersive experience that your brain thrives in!

How well does this immersive experience work?

Well, Courtney and her family started using TalkBox.Mom by choosing relevant phrases they wanted to use in their home. Then they started listening to the native speaker audio to hear how the phrases sound. And then they simply started replacing what they normally say in English with French.

Plus, they’ve been having a lot of fun with our bonus activities and the extra fun activities submitted by the other TalkBox.Mom families in our private Facebook group.

And now Courtney says, “We actually are using French daily!”

Oh, my goodness! Hallelujah! The struggle is over, and the fun has begun.

It makes our team so happy to see over 5,000 families or more than 20,000 family members using a foreign language together.

So if you’ve been struggling to learn a foreign language because you’ve been missing the secret ingredient, I’d love to invite you to join us on Instagram where we help you to add full phrases to your family’s life. We have a free, weekly Phrase of the Day calendar that focuses on a different theme each week and has six new phrases for you.

You can also binge our blog to find your favorite themes and download past calendars. 

Then you can go from trying to speak a foreign language to using the foreign language daily with your family, like Courtney!



Founder of TalkBox.Mom

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