The truth you need to hear to stop holding yourself back!

For the month of April, in the private FB group for TalkBox.Mom customers, I have been talking to you about combatting negative self-talk. On Thursday’s Private FB Live, I wanted to give you confidence that you’re good enough to speak in a foreign language with your kids. You don’t need to worry about sounding bad, messing up, or not being able to pronounce words perfectly. You don’t need to have everything perfect before you start.

What you do need to remember is that you are good enough: you’ve taught your children how to speak in one language already. So stop the negative self-talk that holds you back, so you can move forward speaking in a foreign language with your family today.

You’ve already taken the first step, you opened the box, you downloaded the app, and you have the Hotshot Group for TalkBox.Mom families to encourage, support and help keep you accountable. So, choose a phrase today that you want to say, need to say, or say all the time, and say it and practice it with your family. Or finally take on that long-phrase, you know, that one you’ve been putting off! Start by pushing the play button and listening to the native speaker audio. Then repeat the slow, repeat-after-me parts until you’ve said it a couple of times. You’ve got this!

Learn how you can combat your negative self-talk by tuning into the exclusive, Hotshot training! Don’t miss out!


TalkBox.Mom families, mark your calendar because our private FB Lives are on Thursdays at 3 pm CT.

The theme for April is Combatting Negative Self-Talk.

I’ll continue talking about all the lies you may tell yourself when learning a foreign language and discuss how to get over those things so that you can make a lot of progress!


Every week in the TalkBox.Mom Private Group for Customers, we use our random number generator to find a #hotshot post to win one of mine and Kaeti’s favorite things.

To enter, post what you did in the TalkBox.Mom program with the hashtag #hotshot. Your post can be text, an image, a video, or a combo of any of those. You can post once per day to make a new entry for each day of the week.

Congratulations to:

  • Elizabeth for winning the Hotshot prize of the week! We’re sending you a super cute marble coaster set!


We’ve had some great posts in the private TalkBox.Mom Hotshot Group. Here are 5 members I want to celebrate with you:

Natalie, setting up a mini-store for your children sounded like a lot of fun and a really great way to learn! 👌🏽

Stephanie, your tip to the group was really awesome! I love that you are still getting in that practice for German and reinforcing the phrases. Keep up the great work! 👏🏽

Rachel, the puppets are a super fun way to practice your phrases! This looks like it was a good time! 🍪

Shaila, amazing progress on your weekly tracker! Your family is crushing it with consistency! 💯

Jeannette, your cake activity sounds like a LOT of fun! I love that your learning time was so fun even your son joined in! Awesome job! 🍰

Thank you so much for letting us help your family use a foreign language every single day!!



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