The Bilingual in Nature Experience is here!

Would you love it if foreign language learning sparked just as much joy and wonder for your child as exploring the outdoors? And felt as good to you as a morning in nature?

Unfortunately for many, learning another language looks like worksheets, screentime, and anxiety that stomp out their child’s natural curiosity and love for learning languages. Plus, the result of all that forced effort and stress tied to a desk is a memorized word (or two) years later.

So instead of starting where languages go to die—grammar drills and vocabulary lists—start where languages come to life: using them with your child in nature.

With TalkBox.Mom’s Bilingual in Nature Experience, your family will explore nature as you naturally add another language (or ten) to your outdoor adventures, taking care that as your child “learns new words, they are put into sentences and kept in use from day to day,” as Charlotte Mason recommends.


Inside this experience, you’ll learn TalkBox.Mom’s Proven Process so your family will know how to naturally use full sentences to communicate in another language and keep that language in use every single day

Plus, your child will be able to stay curious as they try up to 10 different languages:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Chinese {Mandarin}
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Hebrew
  • Russian

Yes, all ten languages come in The Bilingual in Nature Experience with 45+ phrases in each language so you can try as many or as few languages as you would like. Plus, there is native speaker audio for every single phrase, so your family isn’t left guessing how something sounds.

The result? Your family will naturally learn about languages from all over the world in a way that keeps your child feeling confident, loved, and curious.

Sign up now to enjoy this experience right from the comfort of your living room and favorite nature trails.

You’ll receive:

  • The Bilingual in Nature physical softcover book in 10 languages with beautiful watercolor illustrations to capture your child’s interest and take on your nature walks
  • The Bilingual in Nature app access with the native speaker audio for every single phrase and our easy-to-use system to track the phrases you’re using with your family
  • A complete and doable “How to guide” so you know exactly how to start
  • Training videos so you can see exactly how to practice and use another language with your family
  • A one-year invitation to the TalkBox.Mom Accountability Group so you can continually get support and share your wins throughout your language journey

Instead of stomping out your child’s natural curiosity to learn languages by drilling with worksheets, connect with your child in nature and watch them grow in their confidence as they use new languages with you.

Sign up for only $37 today and by this time next week, your family could be using another language together in nature!


Creator of TalkBox.Mom

Talk in a Foreign Language with your Family!™

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    1. Yes, these phrases are in the phrase book for each language but they are all in different sections across the book.
      With the Bilingual in Nature book, you have them all together in a easy print format and also in our mobile app.
      Let us know if you have any other questions 🙂