Opportunities for Daydreamers

I want you to daydream in vivid detail about opportunities that you and your family could participate in another county to help you reach your goals.

Imagine your family speaking in Spanish on an archeological site in Mexico with an onsite expert.

Envision your family taking a cooking class in Paris completely in French.

Picture yourself with your children in a library in Germany participating in storytime in German and mingling afterward with the locals.

If your family can use a foreign language with ease, where would you want to go to use it?

In this week’s private FB Live, I encourage you to think about and plan out things you could do in another country where you can use your foreign language or the foreign language skills you’re growing.

I want you to daydream in vivid detail about opportunities that you and your family could participate in another county.

Why? This is an amazing way to help you reach your goals. When you can see yourself and your family there, you not only know what you’re working towards, but you have emotional, exciting fuel to reach those goals.

I want you to start thinking about things you can do in the near future and also further out and incorporate those into your dreams.

To get started in creating your beautiful daydreams, ask yourself:

:: What are my children’s interests?
:: What are my interests?
:: What are my spouse’s interests?
:: What could we do in another country that incorporates those interests?
:: What’s a daydream of mine that I have always wanted to do?

Write these down. There are endless possibilities of interest to pursue.

There are educational opportunities, programs to participate in, and even work opportunities or internships available abroad. These opportunities would be not only fun but allow you to use your foreign language.

Don’t worry if you don’t feel prepared. You don’t have to know everything. If you’ve been talking as a family, you’re already creating that strong foundation to speak in many other settings. The things you don’t know will push you out of your comfort zone and help you to add new words in your vocabulary as you experience them. This will grow your confidence and help you reach your language goals much more quickly.

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Hotshot Shout-Outs!

We’ve had some great posts in the private TalkBox.Mom Group for customers. Here are 5 members I want to celebrate with you:

Audrey, great job going back and trying again. Getting down that mental shift is going to be so beneficial in helping you reach your goals. Awesome job!

Danielle, this looks like it was a FUN time! Practicing your phrases and eating healthy foods sounds like such a win. You did a great job using the phrases multiple ways too with the peeling and slicing phrases. Keep up the great job!

Courtney, this looks like a beautiful place to practice your phrases! I love that you have confidence in using this important phrase!

Isabella, I LOVE that you have been working through the daydreaming topic! Not only did you find something you wanted, but you made a plan! I know you’re going to be reaching your goals in no time! Talking with the other family sounds like a fun time!

Erin, it sounds like everyone in your family had a great time! Thank you for sharing your fun game with the group! It’s encouraging to hear about fun things that capture the whole family’s interest!

Thank you so much for letting us help your family use a foreign language every single day!!



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