Making Friends in a Foreign Language – Free Printable

  • Listen to the native speaker audio below for all the phrases!
    You don’t need to sound perfect when you start. Just have fun!

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Ready to make new friends… in a foreign language?!

Yes! We’ve got you covered with an easy to use, one page printable with 6 helpful phrases to use when you or your kids meet someone new!

Worried about saying the 6 phrases correctly? You’ll be able to practice with our native speaker audio, so when you meet someone new, your kids feel confident because they’ve had fun practicing!

Plus, if your family has a ton of fun, we’ve got even more phrases inside our full program to help you go even deeper. The fun doesn’t need to stop here.

Grab your free printable in the language your family would love to use with new friends by filling out the form above.

And as always, our language guides are made by native speakers so you’ll sound like you’re from their country–not like you walked out of an outdated textbook. 

I hope you have a blast talking with new friends in a foreign language! 



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