Is your family learning the right language for 2021?

Is your family learning the right language in 2021?

If you haven’t decided which language to learn…

Or different family members want to learn different languages…

Or you just aren’t sure about the language you’re learning, then keep reading.

I’ve been in this same place.

And so have a lot of other families because it gets real when you’re like, “If we do what Adelaide is saying, we’ll actually be USING this language every single day!”

It’s not just the logic or grammar of the language you’re playing with on paper or in an app from time to time. It’s something your whole family will be using!

And you want to be sure about it…or at least please everyone.

To help you move forward with confidence, I want you to ask yourself and your family three important questions.

But first…

Imagine a beautiful, magical fairy comes to you and says, “Poof!! Now you can also speak THIS language!”

1. What language would change your life right now?

Think about which language you could use the most in your community, in your or your spouse’s work, or with extended family.

Remember, you can open your mouth and use it NOW. Which one would it be?

2. What language would change your future? Your child’s future? Your or your spouse’s work opportunities? Your child’s future educational and work opportunities?

Let yourself daydream about what opportunities would change in your future if you could really use this language, like your child is in a job interview and can speak naturally in this language.

3. Is there is a language you’ve always wanted to learn? That makes your heart sing?

Because the best language to learn is always the one that you will actually roll up your sleeves and do!

Sometimes the answer trumps reason and that takes you to your goal.

And sometimes the answer needs to be very practical to keep you going.

Consider these questions with your kids and let them hear each other out as well.

This will help if there is a divide in your family.

Usually, when they hear what’s in their siblings’ hearts without feeling attacked or ignored, they might be more willing to start with another language and then add on the next one that they really want after.

It’s possible to start with more than one but we don’t want you to ever feel overwhelmed. Otherwise you may not be as successful!

So if you feel overwhelmed at the idea of starting with more than one, let your kids know so you can come together on choosing which one you will learn first.

If you feel overwhelmed in general, even slightly, in getting started learning a language and would like to see how easy it is to get started, check out our free ball challenge that will have you and your kids talking in and understanding a foreign language in minutes.

This is for people who want to switch from “trying to learn a foreign language” to “actually speaking in one.”

I’m going to show you how to use the language every day in your home and be the showstopper you know you’re meant to be.

Here’s the link to get started.

See you there!



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