How to Flatten Your Poster

If you received a poster in your box (this depends on which box and language you have), I’m going to show you how to flatten the poster in 1-2 minutes so your poster comes out super flat!

Step 1: Roll the Poster Smaller to Pull it Out of the Tube

To get the poster out of the protective tube, take two fingers, put them inside the poster, and keep turning your fingers in the direction the poster is rolled. This will make the poster smaller than the tube and easy to pull out! Once the poster is smaller than the tube, pull it out.

Step 2: Roll the Poster the Opposite Direction

Now all you need to do is roll the poster back the other direction and then it will lie flat. Start by rolling the poster in the middle of the poster with a large roll. You don’t want to crease the poster by rolling it really small on one end. Once you have a large roll, you can start twisting the roll to make it smaller.

Step 3: Hold it for a Couple of Seconds

After you have the poster rolled the opposite direction, just hold it for a couple of seconds.

Step 4: Open the Poster Back Up to Reveal a Flat Poster

Next, let the poster open back up. The ends might want to fold another direction, so just smooth those out. Then voila! You have a flat poster that you can put up in your home.

You’ll be able to do that in under 2 minutes! No need to leave a poster under books for days to hopefully flatten out.

I’m excited for your family to start using your flattened poster!

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