How to Find Time to Learn and Teach Foreign Language

How do I have time to learn and teach my family TWO languages?

I’m already saying the same phrases a million times 🤪 You too, right?! 🙋🏽‍♀️I just took one phrase at a time and added it into our life. One by one. And now we can struggle to go to bed in three languages! 🤣 Check out the video and instructions below:

And even cooler, these phrases are also used outside of bedtime. Like, when he goes too far on his bike, I can yell, “¡Regresa!” and he comes back. I can also get help on shutting the car door and back door a bagillion times throughout the day.

It may seem like small, easy steps… and they are! These small steps lay the foundation of the language where every phrase is said and understood with fluency. 👌

So it’s easy to find the time because I parent all of the time!

If you’re new to TalkBox.Mom, there are three steps to learn and teach phrases:

Step 1 – Pick a phrase from your language guide, which are made by native speakers. ❤️ Our language guides are created to build fluency quickly and have specific fluency approaches.

Step 2 – Practice the phrase. This looks like practicing with the native speaker audio in our companion app, which is part of the program; practicing the phrases in specific situations; and practicing the phrases with emotions.

Step 3 – Using the phrases as life happens—even if you have to peek or hear the audio again as you use the phrase. Looking and listening builds the connection, so it’s encouraged!!

Using these phrases at bedtime every night is part of Step 3. This is what happens when you put in the work, which can take 2-5 min per day… or longer if you want to dig in more!

I’m excited for you to use one of your parenting phrases in a foreign language—on repeat! Jump in and watch your family take off! Leave a comment below with a phrase you use all the time with your child.

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