How Do I Request a Phrase for a Specific Challenge?

The best part of our program is definitely your curiosity. If there’s a phrase that you would love to be able to say that goes along with the challenge you’re working on, I’m going to show you how to request it in the app with the challenge you’re on. This will allow us to get the phrase in the app in the Requested Phrase section for you quickly. If the phrase doesn’t go along with the challenge, please go to TalkBox.Mom/getphrase to request a phrase there and we’ll put it in the location it needs to be.

Step 1: Locate Extras Page

To request a phrase for the challenge, click on the box that you’re working on in the app or online and scroll down to your challenge. You’ll notice a list of pages— click the one that says, “Extras.”

Step 2: Locate Request a Phrase Page

On the Extras page, find the Need a Phrase field. Click on the link that says, “You can request a phrase that goes with this challenge here.” Requesting phrases here helps us keep them organized with the challenge that you’re working on so we can work quickly.

Step 3: Submit Your Requested Phrase

Put your name, email, and phrase in the form. Be sure to use your TalkBox.Mom email so we can notify you in the app when your phrase is ready for you to listen to. Click Request and our native speakers will translate it and put all the audio in for you.

If your phrase is coming up in a different challenge or a different topic, we’ll let you know where that is so you’ll be able to find it there, as well.

There’s also a place on this page that says, “If you’d like to see if the phrase you’re looking for is in an upcoming box, please click the link here to view the box topics.” You can click that link and see what topics are coming up. For example, the first box is just snacks and kitchen so we’re covering a lot of snacks. Later on, we go into meals and cooking and things like that— so we can direct you to those.

I can’t wait to see what phrase you request! I love the requested phrases because other families will see the phrase that you requested. It will help them in their home and it will help us all learn even more together.

Thank you so much for requesting a phrase!

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