How Do I Ask a Language Question Related to My Challenge?

Ooh, I love that you have a question from your challenge! This is awesome! What we do is take your question to our native speakers who answer it for you, then we add it to our FAQ. Any family that’s working on that challenge can also see your question and the answer, which will help them out because they might have the same exact question as you. Or they just might think your question is super interesting. So even if you feel like maybe this isn’t the best question, ask it. Let us help you out. That’s what we’re here to do.

Step 1: Locate Extras Page

In the app or online, click the box you’re working on, click on the challenge you’re working on, then scroll down and click the page called extras.

Step 2: Check FAQ Page

On that Extras Page, at the very top is a link for the FAQ, that says “Have a question? Check our FAQ for [whatever challenge you’re on].” Click that link and you can see if there are already questions listed or not. You might be the first one asking a question, or you might be the hundredth. It doesn’t matter, we’re still happy to answer it!

Step 3: Submit New Question

If you don’t see your question, and you think, “Ooh, I’m going to be first!” Underneath that FAQ link, click the Ask a New Question link. (Once you go there, you’ll see the check the FAQ link again, but you’ve already done that.) Put in your name and be sure to use the email associated with the app (you can be logged in on the computer as well) so that we can get your response to you and notify you in the app that it’s been added to the FAQ. Then you can put your language question in the last field. Finally, click Send Question!

Again, we’re so happy to help you out and I can’t wait to see your question come through and work with our native speaker teams to answer that question for you so that you can confidently move forward.

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