3 Ways Siblings Help Each Other to Use a Foreign Language

Foreign language time doesn’t have to be just a set time in your day! You can use the language throughout your whole day and if you have kids with different ages, they can help their siblings to learn throughout the day too!

In this 22 second reel, Darian shows you 3 ways that siblings can help each other to use a foreign language together.

Here are the three tips broken down for you to have your children help each other!

1. Use the Phrases with Each Other

Probably the most obvious, but here’s a simple way to implement it— pick just one phrase one of your children can say to another. Encourage that one child to use that phrase a couple times today with the other child!

2. Simply Use a Phrases in Front of your Sibling

“I wasn’t even teaching my youngest / oldest / husband, but he’s using the new language!”

This is something that I am happy to hear a lot! Just by using your phrases in front of each other, without any pressure on the other child, the child hearing the phrases starts picking it up because they keep hearing the phrases all the time from your child who is using them! This is a great strategy if you have a resistant child or significant other.

3. Helping Each Other with the Phrases

If there’s a phrase on your list that you’re trying to master together, your more confident child can help the one who needs more time by helping say one word at a time until the phrase becomes a natural part of your life.

❤️ Which strategy is working the best in your family? Which one would you love to implement today to have your kids help each other?

If you need some phrases to start using with each other, grab this free phrase of the day calendar, which focuses on bedtime.

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