How Do I Add a Foreign Language to My Phone’s Keyboard?

I’m going to show you how to add another language keyboard to your phone! The instructions that follow are specific to an iPhone, but it’s pretty similar on an Android.

To get to the proper settings to use as an example for this F.A.Q., I started to create a post in the TalkBox.Mom accountability group.

Step 1: Open Keyboard Settings

Click the globe icon at the bottom left of the screen, which opens the keyboards window. From there, click keyboard settings.

For example, I have English, Spanish, German, French, and Brazilian Portuguese keyboards available — and my gif and emoji keyboards (very important languages).

Step 2: Add New Keyboard

In keyboard settings, click keyboards. Scroll down and click the language you want to add (be sure to select the version you want), and click done.

For example, I wanted to add the Korean keyboard, so I clicked Korean, then clicked standard (vs. 10-key), then clicked done. I’ve chosen Mexico for my Spanish keyboard version. I could choose Switzerland or Austria for my German keyboard version.

Personalizing Keyboards

If you want to move your new keyboard to the top of the list so you can get to it faster, click edit. Then select the new language and move it up to the position you want.

Using the New Keyboard

When you start typing in a post, click the globe icon, select the new language keyboard, and start typing! Now you can type with all the special characters and accent marks in a foreign language. Toggle back and forth to switch to the other languages you’ve chosen. You can use text-to-speech as well!

Would you like to dig deeper into foreign language fluency? Check out this video to see how your whole family can start speaking in a foreign language in just 7 minutes!

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