Can I Use My Charter School Funds to Purchase TalkBox.Mom?

Can I use my charter school funding to purchase TalkBox.Mom?

Yes! If we’re an approved vendor for your charter school, you can use your charter school funding to purchase TalkBox.Mom! Click here to see which schools have approved us as vendors.

If we’re not an approved vendor for your charter, just send them this email to request TalkBox.Mom to be a vendor. We help families to actually use a foreign language, so charters love us because it sets their students apart.

The stipend you receive through your charter school will offer various methods of purchase. Please be sure to check with your charter school regarding all of these things, so you know if you need to fill out a purchase order with your school, if your school order for you online, or if you get reimbursed. Your charter will be able to answer that question!

For further information, visit our page all about ordering through your charter at


Answered by Sam

  • This will vary by state, however, from my experience with schools in Alaska the answer is YES.
  • Our school has paid for all the boxes, whether we bulk purchase them or buy them individually.
  • I suggest checking with your school/advisor and if they have questions put them in touch with Talkbox.Mom support.

To use your charter school funds to purchase TalkBox.Mom, click here!


Can I use my Charter School funds to purchase TalkBox.Mom?

Answered by Sam

Hi, my name is Sam

and I’m sure you’ve been wondering if your homeschool program

or Charter School will pay for TalkBox.Mom.

I’m here to tell you that my experience has been a yes!

I live in Alaska and my program has been awesome about paying

for the phrasebooks or the subscription boxes, whether we

buy them in bulk or individually. However, this is going

to vary by state and possibly by school.

So, I suggest emailing your advisor or your school and asking

if they will pay for TalkBox.Mom.

If your school has any questions about TalkBox.Mom,

I suggest putting them in contact with TalkBox.Mom

support and we’ll include the link below.

Thank you!

To use your charter school funds to purchase TalkBox.Mom, click here!

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