Baby, I’m worth it.

Can you imagine what your life would have looked like if you started TalkBox.Mom one year ago? 

Well, it might feel out of your control if your S.O. (significant other) said, “I don’t think it’s worth it,” and you didn’t end up starting.

But I get it. You all want to be SURE before you buy.

So instead of us dancing with Fifth Harmony and singing, “Baby, I’m worth it,” take it from these mamas and share the list with your SO: 

1. Your family life will transform into this language.
2. You will start talking RIGHT away in the new language.
3. Your (native speaking) husband will HEAR your progress!
4. Your kids will actually use the program! 
5. You can use it across multiple ages.
6. Your resistant child can finally make progress!
7. TalkBox.Mom WORKS. If you do it, it WORKS.
8. You’ll start a healthy addiction.
9. You’ll be supported along your whole journey, so the program doesn’t sit on the shelf if you get confused.
10. Your kids will push you to succeed.
11. We’re WAYYYYYY worth the price.
12. It’s even “worth every precious penny.”

Don’t let another year go by that you haven’t started. Start this summer.

We’re here for your life changing results, so take the first step!

Choose your language, and grab your first box and phrasebook!

Because baby, it’s worth it.



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