Why should we learn a language as a family?

Picture this: you send your child off to a Spanish tutor or they use an app that teaches them Mandarin Chinese, and when they try to talk to you in the new language, you’re like, “Okay!” And don’t even know if it sounds good. It leaves you feeling a bit powerless to help them because you’re completely out of the loop and have no idea what they’ve been learning!

Surely there has got to be a way that you, their parent, can be more involved and help your child learn a foreign language!

But you might think to yourself, “Won’t it be difficult to teach a foreign language to my child if I don’t already know how to speak the language?”

Don’t forget who taught your children their first language – you! Your children learned to speak their native language at home, with their parents, through normal daily conversation. Why not continue this trend with a new language?

TalkBox.Mom gives the power back to moms (and dads) by giving you all the tools you need to start talking in a foreign language together—even if you know nothing and your child knows more!

When you talk in the new language as a family, you and your children will be progressing together because it gives you the opportunity to use the language! In the end, you’ll get the credit for your child’s bi-lingual (or multi-lingual) skills, and that’s pretty awesome. 😉


Answered by Eileen

  • Your children will have someone at home to actually us the language with in a real conversation
  • Talking as a whole family will make the new foreign language stick in the brains of everyone who is using it. You have to USE the language to make it last
  • Sending a child to a private foreign language tutor would only give them a very limited exposure to the language and give them one person to talk to once or twice a week for a few hours. What about all the time in between lessons? Think of what could be learned if the whole family was learning together!

To begin talking in a foreign language as a family using TalkBox.Mom, click here and choose your language!


Why should we learn a foreign language as a family?

Answered by Eileen

I know what some of you are thinking.

“Why do we need to learn to talk in a foreign language as

a whole family? Can’t I just send my child off to a Spanish

tutor or to a Mandarin Chinese tutor who already knows how

to talk in the language?

I don’t even know the language.”

Well, if you think about it, it kind of makes sense that

you would want to learn the language as a whole family because

if your child was at a Spanish tutor, and came home and started

talking to you in Spanish, and you didn’t know what they were

saying, that wouldn’t really provide for a meaningful

conversation. So you want to all learn it together so you

can talk about dinner, or talk about playing in the backyard,

or going for a walk, or putting your shoes on; things that

every family already does, and you’re going to be able to

have real conversations with your own kids.

So that’s why you want to learn the language as a whole family.

You don’t want your child to go to a tutor and come home

and have no one to use it with. The neurons aren’t going to

be connecting.

They’re not going to be learning anything, and you’re not

going to be able to talk with them.

So you want to learn it as a whole family, and TalkBox.Mom

is the perfect way to do that.

These are going to be phrases that you’re going to use in

your family’s life all the time.

So I suggest you click the link below, and I think you’ll

be really excited when you know phrases that your child also knows!

To begin talking in a foreign language as a family using TalkBox.Mom, click here and choose your language!

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