TalkBox.Mom is expensive! Why is it $90 per box?

Woah! $90? For a cardboard box? Why is TalkBox.Mom so expensive? Are the boxes filled with gold or something?

Well, yes! Yes they are. 😜

There is SO much packed into each box, that you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck! One box is all you need for your entire family to start talking in a foreign language together, plus the TalkBox.Mom Companion App with native speaker audio is included. (Not to mention weekly live training with Adelaide, a support group on Facebook, continuous free resources, etc. …)

Most TalkBox.Mom families typically only purchase 3-4 boxes a year, and some do even less because it fits their budget better! Regardless of how many boxes you go through in a year, your family will still be talking together in a foreign language and having FUN while doing it! And that, my friend, is priceless.

Note: Current box pricing is now $90.


Answered by Morgan

  • I felt the same way at first, but after receiving my first box I realized how much is packed into one box
  • Compared to other popular language programs, TalkBox.Mom might actually be cheaper.
  • One box can be used with the entire family, no need to buy additional items and/or subscriptions for each family member.
  • There no limit on how many times you can return to the material, and once you purchase a box, all that content is yours forever.
  • You can purchase as your budget allows, no need to pay for everything upfront or be locked into a monthly subscription. If you need to pause or cancel your subscription, you can easily do so.

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TalkBox.Mom is so Expensive! Why Does Each Box Cost $90?

Answered by Morgan

If you’re looking at the TalkBox.Mom program and thinking

$90 a box,

that’s so expensive,

don’t worry.

I thought the exact same thing when I first looked at it.

And I actually started by only purchasing the book.

I quickly realized

I totally love how practical those phrases were, but I needed

somebody to actually hold my hand a little bit more if we

were going to be successful speaking Spanish as a family.

When I purchased my first box,

I realized there is so much packed into that one box that

$90 is not that much to spend. I also love that I can use it

with my entire family.

I’m not paying a monthly or yearly subscription for each

family member, and I don’t have to pay for additional workbooks,

or other materials for additional children.

Once I purchase that $90 box,

I can use it with my whole family, and it’s mine to keep forever,

including access to the native speaker audio, which personally

I think is some of the best audio that I’ve ever heard out

of a program! Most families also only purchase three or four

boxes a year.

So, if you divide that out among the whole year, and also if

you have multiple children, and divide it among multiple children,

the value is actually really good, especially compared to

some programs. And as someone who did college-level Spanish,

and couldn’t actually speak Spanish,

I have learned more with TalkBox than I ever did with college Spanish,

and that was a whole lot more expensive!

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