How Does TalkBox.Mom Fit into the Classical Conversations Homeschool Style?

Does TalkBox.Mom fit into homeschooling the Classical Conversations way? Yes!

As you know, Classical Conversations is all about giving little pegs of information in the younger years that can be added to and grown as the kids become more passionate about certain subjects. This is why TalkBox.Mom is a great fit! The first box is all about food. These applicable pegs of information are immediately applied to every day life as you eat and snack throughout the day. After your family masters one box of phrases (which usually takes about 1-3 months), you can get the next box of phrases to add to your daily conversations.

TalkBox.Mom has colorful charts that can be put up next to your other memory work and also has little cards you can flip through as you learn.

Classical educators are all about living books. TalkBox.Mom uses native speakers to develop the program and has them record the phrases in the app. You are learning real-life phrases that parents in other countries are saying right now to their kids! I would consider this passionate approach to developing this program a way of saying this is a “living book” program!

If you want to encourage Latin learning, adding a second language that integrates Latin, like Spanish, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, or Romanian, makes Latin really come alive! Many CC TalkBox.Mom families have seen this in their own homes!


Answered by Molly

  • Classical Conversations uses memorization in the early years that will allow “pegs” for the kids to add information to as they get older. TBM gives them real life phrases that allow them to memorize and immediately use.
  • There are fun, color charts that will capture the kid’s interests as you use the phrases for play and real life.
  • The app allows family learning time, right along with the weekly facts learned in CC.
  • CC families enjoy living books to fill their pegs of information they are learning. I consider TBM a “living book” Having native speakers teach phrases that are applicable to everyday life. Kids will be able to dive as deep as they like, speaking in a foreign language as much a they desire.

To see how TalkBox.Mom can be added to your Classical Conversations homeschool, click here!


How does TalkBox.Mom fit into the Classical Conversations homeschool style?

Answered by Molly

Hey Classical Conversations families!

If you have been considering TalkBox.Mom, and you’re

wondering how it might fit into your CC day,

I thought I would share with you my personal experience as

being a Classical Conversations family.

As you know, Classical Conversations is all about little

pegs of information in the younger years that can be added

to, and grown as the kids get older, and become more passionate

about certain subjects.

This is why I love TalkBox.Mom!

The very first box that we got were just filled with pegs

of information.

The very first box was all about food.

So we put the charts up on the fridge, and that way every

time the kids go to ask for a snack

they could look to see what it said in French, which is the

language that we’re doing. Right off the bat,

it was super easy, and we could add some phrases for memorization.

I added into our daily memory work for CC, so that way the

kids could learn right along with all of their other subjects for school.

Also, I also put the charts up on the wall next to our CC

timeline cards, so it just totally fully integrates into our regular day.

If you like, as well,

they also come with little cards that you can use for review.

I actually put them in a spiral bound together, and stuck

them in the car. That way for those days when you really don’t

feel like listening to the timeline song,

you can pull out the TalkBox.Mom app and listen to the

native speaker audio instead of the CC timeline.

But also to, what I love about the program is I consider it a “living book.”

Classical educators are very much about living

books, and with TalkBox.Mom,

they always use native speaker audio as well as native speakers

to develop a language.

So this means that there is a mom or a dad in another country

who is telling TalkBox.Mom what phrases parents are

saying right now in today’s world with the kids.

So you’re not learning phrases from 1965, which is pretty awesome!

So if you have been considering TalkBox.Mom,

and you want more information, I highly recommend that you

click the link below.

To see how TalkBox.Mom can be added to your Classical Conversations homeschool , click here!

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